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    Chinese representative inked Simla Agreement: Thapliyal

    By Pradeep Kumar , RONO HILLS | Mar 26 | : Contrary to the belief that that the Chinese representative did not sign the 1914 Simla Accord, Maj Gen (Retd) S V Thapliyal, an expert on China, today, claimed that representatives of China did sign and the signature on the Survey of Indian map is the proof.

    Chinese representative inked
Simla Agreement: Thapliyal

    Thapliyal, who commanded an Army division in Ladhak, in a PowerPoint Presentation on â€~Strategies to negotiate a solutionâ€(TM) during the concluding day of two-day national seminar on â€~Voice from Arunachal - India-China border problems and related Arunachal Folkloreâ€(TM) here today, insisted that there is no reason for China to deny it.
    The Accord was the outcome of the convention between Great Britain, China, and Tibet, whose representatives had negotiated on the status of Tibet in Shimla in 1913 and 1914. The Accord also defines the boundary between Tibet and â€~China properâ€(TM) and between Tibet and British India which was latter known as the MacMohan Line.
    However, China rejected the Accord and its plenipotentiary Ivan Chen, withdrew on July 3, 1914. The British and Tibetan plenipotentiaries then attached a note denying China any privileges under the Accord and sealed it as a bilateral agreement the same day. The British began using the MacMahon Line on Survey of India maps in 1937, and the Accord was officially published in 1938.
    "Arunachal Pradesh should be part of India and there is no compromise about it. Every part of this state is non-negotiable", he said during the interaction session.
    Beginning by quoting Dr Buchanan Hamilton, advisor to Lord Hastings on Himalayan matters - "A frontier of hundreds of miles between two powerful nations holding each other in mutual contempt seems to point at anything peace", Thapliyal add that "Tibet was a free nation during 1930 o 1950 before China forcefully occupied it adopting middle kingdom concept. China aims at keeping the border issue alive in order to keep India permanently anxious and unbalanced and "never allowed us to live in peace".
    Dissecting the border, he identified the disputed areas, which included Arunachal Pradesh, especially Khenzmane and Tawang, in western Kameng, Longju in Subansiri district and Rima in Walong sector along 1100-km Eastern sector; Shipkila in Himachal Pradesh, Jadhang and Barahoti in Uttarakhand along 640 km Middle sector; Shaksgam Valley, West of Karakoram Pass illegally ceded to China by Pakistan in 1963, Aksai Chin, east of Karakoram Pass, Chinese have constructed their Xinjiang-Tibet road, known as western highway, areas between Aksai Chin and Demchok, Demchok & newly created dispute in Chumar along the 1760-km Western sector. China claims 38,000 sqkm while 36,846 sqkm is in its possession.
    The present boundary between India and Tibet is Johnson boundary drawn in 1865, neither directly communicated or accepted by China but the proposed border alignment along Mc Cartney-Mc Donald alignment of 1899, the only one ever formally conveyed to China by the British, he disclosed.
    Pointing out "dejure recognition of de-factor reality", he advocated â€~out of box proposalâ€(TM) by being pragmatic and addressing Chinese concern by making an offer they canâ€(TM)t refuse besides a joint survey of the watershed. The media and opposition should behave responsibly instead of crying quid pro quo as sellout aimed at a lasting solution, he concluded.
    Voicing the concerns of Arunachalees, Lt Gen (Retd) J R Mukherjee said that their interest should not be compromised while Lt Gen (Retd) B S Jaswal added that they should be taken into confidence while safeguarding their interest.
    "The border row has been there since 1947 and repeated dialogues have failed to cut any rice so far while the stapled visa has been causing suffering for the Arunachalees, who are staunch nationalists. Arunachal has no relation with China whatsoever, but only with Tibet as amply found in folklores," argued RGU vice chancellor Prof Tamo Mibang.
    Citing the demand of Taksing people for reopening border with China and ongoing weekly border trade at Nampong with Myanmar and the GoAP repeated pleas, when senior journalist Pradeep Kumar suggested reopening of border trade with Bhutan and China as a strategy to strengthen bilateral relations as was advocated by Union MoS for External Affairs V K Singh Wednesday, Maj Gen Arun Roye assured to recommend it to the GoI.
    When RGUâ€(TM)s Zilpha A Modi asked why to ask China about its claim on Arunachal, instead of GoI?, Roye termed it an "Utopia idea", but Mukherjee added: "There are border world over down the millennium. There has to be border and sovereignty. Open border could pose a serious problem".


    Arunachalees' voice should be heard: Guv

    By Pradeep Kumar , RONO HILLS | Mar 26 | : 'Balance security & dev to end Indo-Sino border row'

    #Border to bind not divide: The border is no bar for people-to-people relations when living on the basis of a global village concept. Boundaries between nations are drawn on maps for political reasons, which should in no way be a hindrance to improving relations between the people of two countries, Lt. Gen (Retd) Nirbhay Sharma had told this daily on May 31, 2013, two days after taking the charge as Arunachal Governor and HGB.

    Arunachalees' voice should be heard: Guv

    Hinting at the renewed efforts of India and China to settle the border disputes, Arunachal Pradesh Governor Lt. Gen (Retd) Nirbhay Sharma today hoped that a balance between the security and development considerations would build a bridge to not only enhance economic inter-dependence but find a resolution to the border disputes between the two Asian giants.
    "Before stretching the military muscles, we need to stretch our economic muscles", he said ruling out the possibility of a war between the two nuclear powers. "The moment has come to yield space to each other as their will be no change in national considerations," the governor said in his valedictory address during the two-day seminar national seminar on â€~Voice from Arunachal - India-China border problems and related Arunachal Folklore' here.
    Local folklores, history, especially oral history provide evidences about the territory of the local communities as was extracted from Tibetan history and well documented about the Ahom rule in Assam Buranji, he said.
    Emphasising that the voice of Arunachalees be heard along with their genuine opinions, particularly on stapled visas, should be elicited. He said that the Arunachalees are interested to revive the transnational linkages, which is the strength of Arunachal as well as India.
    China and India occupy centre stage in the conflicts-barrage of Asia, in a simmering mode now, whose solution lies in cooperation and competitions, not in confrontations, he said, adding, "Arunachal is a critical part of Indiaâ€(TM)s development and underscored its importance as this land provides the corridor to South East Asia. China aware of the fact that eight countries within 1,000 km radius, representing 25% of world population and commanding huge economy, would be equally interested in coming to terms".
    The bilateral talks so far have been on bureaucratic methods and military compulsions rather than political reasons but solution on give and take principle has to be facts-driven for both sides, he reasoned.
    Eminent journalist Manoj Joshi, in his valedictory address earlier, gave a synopsis of the negotiation process right from formation of the special representatives in 2003 to deal with all border gamut, the broad framework signed by two governments in April 2005 after a meeting between President Pranab Mukherjee and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping and 18-point consensus after the 15th round of talks.
    While China has settled its border with Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Laos, Mongolia, Vietnam and Russia comprising 90% of its border, Tibet issue remains an important Chinese concern, Joshi said, adding Tawang has been the bone contention in Indo-Sino talks and India has always turned down Chinaâ€(TM)s claim over Tawang.
    However, Chinese President Jinping and Modi, during their meeting on Sept 20 2014, agreed to seek a 'fair, reasonable and mutually acceptable' solution to the border dispute pertaining to the definition of the LAC and External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj announcing in Beijing that both the nations led by two strong leaders were committed to â€~out of box settlementâ€(TM) were positive indications from both sides to thrash out an acceptable agreement, he hoped.
    "But most obvious solution to the issue is swap based on 2005 framework and what is needed is hard bargain on which territory could be bargained driven by strong political will", Joshi concluded.


    1962 ended border trade: Riddi

    RONO HILLS | Mar 26 | : Tagins are one of the border trading community living in Upper Subansiri district having relation with Tibet since time immemorial. Guchi and Godak across Kamla and Sipi rivers for exchanging commodities through barter trade, said RGU Political Science Prof Ashan Riddi referring to folklores.

    In the technical session of the two-day national seminar on â€~Voice from Arunachal- India-China border problems and related Arunachal folkloreâ€(TM), Prof Riddi said that the borders were totally sealed after 1962 preventing the Indo-Tibet border trade which has been causing untold suffering for the border people who are prisoners in their own state for lack of any communication.
    However, the proposed 2000-km road from Tawang to Vijaynagar along the MacMohan line would provide succour to the border denizens, he added.
    Reflecting the present geo-political situation in South East Asia, Mirza Zulfiqur Rahman while suggesting solutions, acceptable to both sides, cited the mighty Brahmaputra as the greatest link. He advocated using international treaties and institutional mechanisms to bargain a deal with better understanding.
    On Chinaâ€(TM)s dam building spree in Tibet, RGU political science associate professor Nani Bath said China is like Akshay Kumar when he says "Main (Chinese) jo bolta hoon woh karta hoon, aur jo main nahi bolta wo me definitely karta hoon" in Rowdy Rathore to drive home his message â€~China behaves like a chameleonâ€(TM).
    Based on folklores others who highlighted different issues were, Nandini Bhattarcharya Panda of MAKAIAS on â€~Monpa tribeâ€(TM), Rajiv Miso and Raju Mimi on â€~Boundaryâ€(TM), Prof PK Panigrahi and Gabar Basar, all from RGU.


    Capital bandh ends peacefully

    ITANAGAR | Mar 26 | : Normal life was affected in Capital Complex here today following a dawn to dusk bandh called by the All Nyishi Students' Union (ANSU) opposing installation of pre-paid electric meters.
    Business establishments, educational institutions, banks and all central government offices remained closed during the bandh, while thin attendances reported in GoAP offices.
    All public and private vehicles remained off the roads and only a few state buses were seen plying with escorts.

    Chief GoAP officials to attend office and asked all HoDs to ensure cent per cent attendance.
    The bandh remained relatively peaceful with no untoward incidents, capital SP Seiju P Kuruvilla said, adding multiple cases were registered against the bandh callers for violating the order issued by the DM under the Arunachal Pradesh Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 2014. (PTI)


    Missing body found

    DIRANG | Mar 26 | : The body of Gulu Kumar Rai (11 yrs) that was missing since Mar 10 last after a tragic accident at Munna Camp was recovered today at a distance of 760 metres from the accident site in a deplorable state with maggots on it.
    The accident that claimed four lives and injured four others, all belonging to the same family, was caused when a Maruti taxi heading to Rama Camp fell into the river in Munna Camp around 11:30 pm, Mar 09 last after the driver reportedly dozed off.

    A team led by ADC D Riba, Dirang OC and Dirang CHC SMO Dr SK Singh visited the accident spot to take stock of the situation.
    Later, Dr Singh conducted the post mortem of the body, according to a source.


    Fire accident wrecks MIBT, OBT granary

    SAGALEE | Mar 26 | : In a major fire incident, a MIBT building and an OBT local granary was charred down at Tachi village on Tuesday last, an official release said.
    Though, no casualties were reported but the properties were not spared, it said informing that the cause of the fire is still unknown and that the victims including Mallo Nyakam, Mallo Tado and Mallo Anna jointly lived in the MIBT building.

    Fire accident wrecks 
MIBT, OBT granary

    After being reported about the fire incident, the Sagalee ADC along with ASM HN Taba and few youths of Sagalee visited the village today to assess the accident and issued immediate reliefs to all the victims and urged the government for immediate relief. A detail list of the property loss is yet to be received from Leporiang CO.


    Arunachalees undergo skill training

    NOIDA | Mar 26 | : Around 213 trainees from Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland are undergoing Govt sponsored skill training in â€~Beauty culture and hair careâ€(TM) by VLCC that started on Tuesday last here, a release said.
    The programme is a part of the GoAPâ€(TM)s initiative for skill development and employment generation, it said, adding that an orientation training-cum-midterm counseling courses were conducted.

    Arunachalees undergo skill training

    The programme facilitated the trainees to focus on some vital components of the weeklong intensive motivational training conducted by Don Bosco Youth Centre, Itanagar, which they had undergone before their departure to Noida.
    The session dealt with issues like re-evaluating personal goals, value-based living, work ethics and being a North Easterner outside North East and efficient use of time.
    At the end of the programme, the trainees appreciated the GoAPâ€(TM)s interest and thanked it for sponsoring such a programme.
    The batch will complete its training by Sep end next and the trainees will be placed into organized sector companies like Lakme, Revlon, Kaya Skin Clinic, Naturals, Trica, VLCC etc.

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    Consumers need guidance, education: Loyi

    PASIGHAT, Mar 26, 2015: Consumers need proper guidance and education, said Nari ADC Moki Loyi during an awareness camp on consumer protection with the theme â€~Jago grahak jagoâ€(TM) organized by East Siang district Department of Legal Metrology & CA at ADC conference hall on Tuesday last.

    Saying that the producers of goods nowadays were using aggressive marketing technique to push their products in the market, Loyi said that this arise the need for proper guidance and education to consumers, as it will protect them from unfair trade practices.
    Urging the participants to take this opportunity to educate themselves, he asked them to be a responsible consumer by protecting themselves from unscrupulous sellers and to seek redressal for grievances, if they face any, from District Forum or consumer courts.
    Earlier, East Siang district Department of Legal Metrology & Consumer Affairs DCPO-cum- assistant controller KP Tago while briefing the objectives of the campaign said that though the consumer protection act was implemented in the state but the number of consumer complaint registered were negligible.
    The programme included product demonstration under the guidance of Legal Metrology inspector Lupha Sikhet and a quiz competition, which was attended by HoDs, PRI members, Gaon Buras, traders and students.

    'Cooperate in TTGC's formative stage'

    NYAPIN , Mar 26, 2015: Cooperate with the college fraternity in its formative stage, said the chief guest-cum- Nyapin ADC Tatdo Borang at the valedictory function of Tadar Taniang Government College (TTGC) annual college day on Mar 18 last here, a release said.
    Appreciating the remarkable function, Borang envisaged the positive impacts of the college, situated in the remotest part of the state.

    While the TTGC's principal Dr Gindu Borang reiterated the urgent need of a permanent site for the establishment of the college, the college student's union general secretary Tadar Tacha highlighted the problems faced by the college like electricity, construction of an office��(TM)s toilet, posting of assistant professors and other basic infrastructural requirements.
    The various events during the celebration included sports and literary competitions and other talent based activities along with AIDS awareness programme.
    Various government officials, students and local public attended.

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    Arunachalees to represent India at YWWC

    PATIALA | Mar 26 | , Mar 26, 2015: Arunachalee duo Jimjang Deru (56 Kg) and Lalu Taku (62 Kg) who were victorious in National Weightlifting Championship for youth and junior category, respectively, are going to represent India at Youth World Weightlifting Championship (YWWC) at Lima in Peru from Apr 6-13 next.

    Arunachalees to represent India at YWWC

    They easily qualified the trials for this international event conducted by Indian Weightlifting Federation at NIS, Patiala in Punjab, said Arunachal Weightlifting Association general secretary Daniel Teli while wishing them a grand success in the championship.
    The duos, who are currently in the NIS camp, will board the flight for Lima on Apr 05 from IGI airport, New Delhi.