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APPSU resents AdiSU statement
APPSU resents AdiSU statement

All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (APPSU) regretted at the statement of Adi Students Union (AdiSU) regarding Adi Bane Kebang (ABK) demand for recognizing Arunachal Mishing as Adi tribe. AAPSU terms the rigid stand for the cause of Arunachal Mishing as provocative and communal in nature.
AAPSU had expressed concern over giving ST status to around 16,000 Mishing of Arunachal as it would harm the interest of indigenous Adi people. Will ABK and AdiSU guarantee the protection of 8 lakh tribal population of Arunachal that interest of tribal people would not be harmed by such move? What, if Assam Mishing under disguise migrate to Arunachal to get ST status? Will ABK and AdiSU guard the boundary to check such move?
ABK had mentioned about the visit of AAPSU leaders to Mishing area of East Siang and Lower Dibang Valley in 2006. AAPSU wants to clarify that it was educational tour which is usually carried throughout the state. AAPSU leaders had not gone there to give ST certificates to the Mishing.
Sticking to its stand that Mishing is already enjoying ST status in Assam and therefore cannot get ST certificates in Arunachal, the AAPSU opined that that past experiences show that ST status has been misused. The important best example is Boken Pao, who was given Arunachal ST along with his family on August24, 2006 by then East Siang district administration. Boken Pao is a permanent resident of Jonai, Assam and working with state forest department while his younger brother is currently working as engineer with Assam power department.
This proves that of ST status is given to Mishing, it might be misused by the community from Assam.
AAPSU does not want to interfere in the internal matter of Adi community, but ST status is an emotional issue for every Arunachalee. If ABK and AdiSU want to disrespect the sentiments of 8 lack tribal population, it is up to them. But AAPSU would never tolerate such move and fight tooth and nail to save the integrity of tribal people.
AAPSU though the column of your daily appeals to all indigenous Arunachalees to express their views on the demand of ABK and AdiSU.
Yours etc
Takam Tatung, president, APPSU