February 25, 2021

1,08,14,304 with 11,713 new cases, 1.48 lakh active cases

In the last 24 hours, 11,713 new Govt-19 cases have been reported in India, bringing the total number of positive cases in the country to 1,08,14,304, according to data released by the Union Health Ministry on Saturday morning.

The total death toll in the country has risen to 1,54,918, with another 95 people dying from Govt-19 infections.

As of this morning, there are a total of 1,48,590 active cases, or 1.37% of the total casket, while 1,05,10,796 people infected with the killer virus have been rescued in 24 intervals with 14,488 new outbreaks. Hrs.

The national recovery rate is 97.19% and the Govt-19 case death rate is 1.43%.

Meanwhile, the Medical Research Council of India (ICMR) said that as on February 5, 20,06,72,589 samples had been tested. 7,40,794 samples were tested on Friday.

Update on Govt Vaccine in India

The total number of health workers vaccinated against the corona virus was 54,16,849.

India has become the first country to reach the 5 million corona virus vaccination target in just 21 days, the Union Health Ministry said on Friday. As many as 53 lakh beneficiaries were given shots under the nationwide vaccination training till Friday evening.

The United States, the United Kingdom and Israel reached 5 million vaccines simultaneously in 24, 43 and 45 days.

“The nationwide Govt-19 vaccination program was successfully conducted on the twenty-first day,” the ministry said.

In the Govt vaccine against the New England virus

The University of AstraZeneca and Oxford University’s vaccine against the corona virus novel has similar efficacy against the British Govt-19 variant, which is similar to the variants previously in circulation, the university said.

This variant, first identified in the Kent in the south of England, is highly contagious, prompting many countries to restrict travel to Britain. This led to an increase in infections last month that forced a new national lockdown in the UK.

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