January 19, 2022

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18 Belgian students sent back to prison for murder

Eighteen members of a student circle Belgian Mentioned
Tribunal Hazelt, Flanders, For the death of a black schoolmate during a riot in 2018, we learned from a judicial source on Thursday. The 18 are believed to have been involved in the killing of 20-year-old Chanda Thea.

Students have been prosecuted Genocide, A spokesman for the Limburg State Attorney’s Office said that arbitrary administration of harmful substances would result in death, substandard treatment and innocent negligence. They have fifteen days to appeal this decision to the amendment taken by the Hazel Council Council.

The recommendation for correction is “relief” for the family

Chanda Thea, who was studying engineering at Louvain Catholic University (KU Leuven), was subjected to a series of humiliating trials on December 4 and 5 during a program called “Baptism” to enter the “Ryusecom” fraternity. 2018. The Belgian student should swallow a large amount of alcohol, a salt product made from fish oil, and then into a hole filled with ice water in the cold.

He died of hypothermia at Antwerp Hospital on December 7, 2018, after “cerebral edema”, according to sources close to the file. The lawsuit was probably funded by Flanders and the charges against him Racism Against the student fraternity. The anti-racism coalition, the Belgian Youth Against Racism (BYAR), was specifically mobilized to “demand justice” for the young man.

The note for the correction was “a relief to the family”, the lawyer for Santa Dia’s father, Sven Mary, responded. “It’s been a year since defense lawyers (…) tried every way to buy time,” he denounced, expecting an appeal from them against Thursday’s decision. However, he said he expects “an introductory trial in criminal court in early November.”

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