December 8, 2021

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2 firefighters injured, 2 arrested

Two firefighters were injured and two were arrested in Guadeloupe on Monday, November 15, after an incident of unrestricted general strike against vaccine duty and health permit was halted. And from the trial.

Clashes erupted between striking firefighters and gendarmes, who were charged before being targeted by jets of water pipes handled by firefighters. “Two firefighters injured” During the conflict, trade union FO trade representative Jocelyn Zhou said.

Other incidents between protesters and police led to two police arrests “Facts of repeated threats to the police officer”, Was prosecuted by the Point Pedro.

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Maïté Hubert M’Toumo, general secretary of the Guadeloupe Workers’ Union (UGTG), the island’s most influential union, described the arrests. “Provocation”. He condemned in a press release “Serious Violation of Fundamental Freedom of Strike” She called “All Members and Activists to Strengthen the Stir Fight”.

“It will rise to the crescento”

At the call of the union, employees of several companies in the medical-community sector went on strike, UGTG said in a second press release, as well as employees of several hotels during the tourist season.

Epiral dams were set up more or less throughout the day. “It will rise to the crescento”, Confirmed to AFP Jocelyn Zou. “70% to 75% of us are unvaccinated. In order to ensure minimum service, we are requested by Saponas. We do not understand why not get vaccinated. ”, He teased.

Several gas stations were closed by protesters, and many motorists attacked open ones for fear that the strike would affect fuel supplies.

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The call for an indefinite general strike was launched by a coalition of unions and citizens of Guadeloupe in protest of the caretakers’ vaccination duty against the Health Boss and Govt-19.

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