January 19, 2022

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26 deaths in 24 hours in France, 6,802 hospitalized patients

Update Situation – New Activities, New Reports and Highlights: Le Figaro Takes the latest developments in the Govt-19 epidemic around the world.

Tokyo Olympics kickoff, European regulator approves modern vaccine for children aged 12-17, increasing the number of cases in Europe and the United States … Le Figaro This Friday, July 23rd, Govt-19 receives information about the epidemic.

  • 26 deaths in 24 hours, 6,802 hospitalized patients

The Govt epidemic has been re-emerging in France for several days, with 26 Kovit patients dying in the last 24 hours, according to a recent report by the Public Health France. 6,802 are still hospitalized, 330 of whom arrived on the same day. 872 patients are currently being treated in critical care, 69 of them from the previous day. 19,561 new cases were detected.

Since the vaccination campaign began in France, 39,474,866 people have received at least one injection (58.5% of the total population) and 32,790,372 now have a complete immunization schedule (i.e. 48.6% of the total population).

  • Green light from the Assembly for the Anti-Govt Act

After bitter discussions, French delegates on Friday read out a new anti-Govt bill, which provides for the extension of the health pass and the vaccine obligation for caregivers. This text, which competed fiercely with one margin of opinion, is now in the hands of senators, who will have to examine it from Friday for final adoption, which the executive wants to record over the weekend in the face of the astronomical impact of the spread of the Delta variant.

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  • Health Proficiency and Dismissal: Trade Unions A “Drift »

«Drift»,ReachedWork For freedom of work … Several union organizations advanced to the plate on Friday To challenge the provisions of the anti-Govt bill, which leads to dismissal due to lack of health pass.

  • Cases erupted in Europe and the United States this week

With 521,800 daily pollutants reported worldwide this week, the indicator has risen sharply (+ 9% compared to the previous week), according to an AFP report that stopped on Thursday. The epidemic has been raging since mid-June, with a sharp decline for nearly two months.

This week, only Africa and Latin America / the Caribbean have improved their situation, with 11% and 9% fewer new cases, respectively, compared to the previous week. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated in all other regions: +62% in the US / Canada region (cases fall in the US alone, Canada), +42% in Oceania (corona virus still low there, 1,200 cases per day), +26% in Europe, +7% in the Middle East , + 5% in Asia.

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  • European regulator approves modern vaccine for children 12-17 years of age

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) on Friday approved the use of the Covid Modern vaccine for 12-17 year olds, the second vaccine approved for adolescents in 27 EU countries.

  • Tokyo Olympic kick off
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Hundreds of Tokyo people gathered around the Tokyo Olympic Stadium on Friday, hosting the opening ceremony of the 2020 Olympics, which were postponed for a year by an epidemic and shaken by several storms. The event, which was marked above all, was attended by 950 selectmen (officials, foreign dignitaries, journalists), marking the end of a long and tiring marathon for the organizers, rather than the start of a two-week sporting exploitation. The Japanese.

  • Washington orders 200 million additional Pfizer-Bioentech vaccine

Pfizer said Friday that the United States will purchase an additional 200 million doses of the vaccine, developed by the Pfizer-Bioendech alliance, and has established itself as a serum against the variants. The company said in a statement that the new sizes would bring the total orders of their orders from the United States to 500 million doses. In detail, 110 million of these additional amounts are due by December 31, and the remaining 90 million are due by April 30, 2022.

  • «National Emergency D in Sydney

Outbreak in Sydney “National Emergency», Is estimated by local authorities on Friday, while the first Australian city has identified new cases registered so far. Realizing that a month’s imprisonment had failed to stop the progress of the highly contagious delta variant, the state of New South Wales, the capital of Sydney, urged federal capital to send vaccines and resources urgently.

  • United Kingdom: Exemption of food workers from isolation
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The UK government announced on Friday that more than 10,000 food workers would be exempted from contact with a corona virus patient to avoid distribution problems in the UK. This week, some of these employees could escape a ten-day loneliness if they were tested negative daily, regardless of vaccination status.

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  • Tanzania: The next vaccination campaign

The Tanzanian government announced it was preparing to launch its vaccination campaign soon, a month ago in a country of suspicion. The new president, Samia Suluhu Hassan, took the opposite view of his predecessor. “It is not good to ignore it“(The Govt-19). The only African country not to be vaccinated with Burundi and Eritrea, Tanzania has recently taken steps to join the Kovacs initiative, as well as the African Union vaccine acquisition plan.

  • Football: Benzema positive test

The Spanish club have announced that Real Madrid star Frenchman Karim Benzema has tested positive for Covit-19.

  • More than 4.1 million people died

The epidemic has killed at least 4,139,040 people worldwide since the end of December 2019, according to a report by AFP. The United States was the hardest hit country with 610,177 deaths, followed by Brazil (547,016), India (419,470), Mexico (237,626) and Peru (195,547). Taking into account the high mortality directly and indirectly associated with Covit-19, the WHO estimates that the number of infections may be two to three times higher than officially established.