March 1, 2021

32 new cases have been reported in Chandigarh

As many as 32 new Govt-19 cases were reported in Chandigarh on Monday, bringing the total to 20,957. The total number of active cases is 176 and the number of fatalities is 334. Nothing related to the virus was reported on Monday. Up to 21 people were evacuated from various facilities.

According to the latest data available, 17,748 out of every 10 lakh people in Chandigarh have been tested positive for the virus. The active rate is 0.8 percent, with 1 currently being affected for every 100 cases confirmed. The case death rate was 1.6 percent. UT has conducted 2,17,610 tests so far.

20 new Govt cases in Mohali district

Mohali: New cases of Govt-19 were reported in Mohali district on Monday, with 19,495 cases pending and 551 still pending.

According to Deputy Commissioner (DC) Krish Dayalan, 13 out of 20 cases were reported from Mohali (urban), six cars and one car.

Dayalan added that 37 patients had recovered from the infection and were released from hospital or home isolation. A total of 18,579 patients have been cured so far in the district. ENS

In Panchkula, 7 Govt cases and 57 HCWs are vaccinated

Panchkula: A total of seven new Govt-19 cases were reported in the district on Monday. Meanwhile, nine cases were added to the district as cases were discovered from Sunday’s count.

With Monday’s cases, the active case was 87 and the recovery rate was 97.77 percent. 10,298 people in the district have been treated and discharged. A total of 179 health workers have been affected so far in Panchkula.

There are still 10,532 positive cases reported in the district, with 3266 positive from other districts.

147 people in the district are affected by the disease. The district has conducted 161,023 tests so far.

Govt-19 vaccine: As part of the current Govt vaccination campaign, 57 people were vaccinated on Monday at two sites, including the Alchemist and Paras Hospital. The target for the day was 200 people and the percentage reached was 28.5. A total of 3488 health workers have been vaccinated so far.