January 22, 2022

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4,500 flights were canceled worldwide over the Christmas weekend

Another effect of the Omigron variant. Over the Christmas weekend, more than 4,500 flights were canceled by airlines, while thousands of flights around the world were delayed due to the omigron variant of the Govt-19 virus, which disrupts travel during the holidays. According to the Flightaware site, in the early hours of Saturday, December 25, at least 2,000 flights were canceled, including 700 flights connected to the United States, international or domestic, and more than 1,500 delays.

In addition, about 2,400 cancellations and nearly 11,000 delays were recorded on Friday, according to the same source, which includes more than 600 cancellations already scheduled for Sunday. Pilots, flight attendants and other crew had to be isolated after being subjected to Covit-19, which forced the cancellation of Lufthansa, Delta and United Airlines flights.

According to Flightaware, United Airlines had to cancel about 200 flights on Fridays and Saturdays, or 10% of what was planned. “The peak of Omigron cases across the country this week has had a direct impact on our team and the people who run our operations.”, The U.S. company explained, promising to try to find a solution for the affected passengers.

Delta Airlines canceled 260 flights on Saturday and 170 the previous day, again citing both Omicron and, occasionally, adverse weather, according to Flightaware. “Delta groups have exhausted all options and resources” Before coming to these cancellations, the airline argues. More than a dozen Alaska Airlines flights, staff said “There is a possibility of being infected with a virus” Had to self-isolate in further isolation, was canceled.

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Chinese airlines are behind most of the cancellations: China Eastern has reduced about 480 flights or more than 20% of its flight schedule, while Air China has canceled 15% of its scheduled departures.