January 19, 2022

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A doctor’s clichs, lies and controversial comments about weaknesses

His words have been controversial since Saturday, July 31, 2021. A guest on the LCI news channel’s 20-hour newspaper, Dr. Hervey Boyce’s Martinique has chained lies and clichேs to explain the population’s distrust of the vis-vis vaccine: “Billy, rum, culture …

Dr. Hervவி Boyce, General Trainer in Paris, was invited to the LCI’s 20 Hour Newspaper on Saturday, July 31, 2021, to give his explanation of the distrust of the people of the Martinique Wis-Wis vaccine.

Journalist Darius Rochepin commented on the doctor’s inappropriate comments on the resistance to the vaccine and the difficulty in believing the West Indies’ desire to support a local pharmacy.

It is cultural, there are other sources of information, I will not go to voodoo in these areas yet, on the other hand there is access to comfort care, all available medical aids, CMU … Problems are coming. .

Hervey Boyce, General Coach

Journalist Darius Rochepin asks a question about his faith in traditional medicine and the distrust that can be found in France, Dr. Boise continues.

Non-compliance with the ban measures, while in the open bar, made it difficult for people to return to control measures.

Herv Boyce

Outrageous reactions

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Dr. Hervey Boyce’s words raise many levels in the population and on social networks.

Martinique insurgents are demanding a public apology. An open letter written by Thierry Renard, co-ordinator and Karen Varassa, spokeswoman and member of the Rebel Election Commission, was sent to the management of the Doctor and LCI channel this Monday, Monday.

Since then, the channel has withdrawn from sharing the series on its Twitter account, but Martiniquez has been hurt by his words …