January 16, 2022

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A “heat dome” in the west of the country brings record temperatures

A litton, In the province of British Columbia (Canada), The thermometer reached 46.6 C, the highest in Canada at all times.

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“Prolonged, Dangerous and Historic Heat Wave”, who “Will last all week”. A “heat dome” in western Canada set new temperature records, triggering heat warnings in three provinces and two Arctic regions on Sunday (June 27).

More than 40 new temperature records were set over the weekend in British Columbia. Located in the south of the province, Lytton has now set a new record for Canada: the temperature rose to 46.6 C, according to Environment Canada. The previous record was 45 C on July 5, 1937 in two Saskatchewan cities.

High pressures catching hot air in the region could set new records for the week. The Environment Canada has issued warnings for British Columbia, Alberta and parts of Saskatchewan, Yukon and the Northwest Territories.

“The afternoon temperature will be above thirty degrees on Sunday, and in some areas will reach almost 40 degrees in the middle.”

Environment Canada

This temperature is ten to fifteen degrees higher than normal.

As cities have opened air-conditioning centers, stores are operating without air conditioners and fans. Vaccine campaigns against Govt-19 have to be canceled and schools forced to close. Electricity consumption in British Columbia has reached record levels as locals try to cool off.

At the border, the U.S. Meteorological Service also issued a warning “Dangerous heat wave”, Especially affecting the states of Washington and Oregon in the northwest of the country. “The historic heat wave in the Northwest will continue for most of the week, with several daily, monthly and unprecedented highs in the pipeline.”, Warned the National Weather Service.

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