January 19, 2022

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A part of the northeastern United States is wary of a tropical storm approaching Henry

Tropical storm Henry is approaching a part of the northeastern United States that will become the first hurricane in thirty years to hit the New England coast. Further south, New York City is also threatened.

Henry announced that hazards with floods and strong winds, especially the roofs of houses, can cause severe material damage on roads and cut off electricity and telecommunications in all affected areas, the U.S. Meteorological Services said on Friday, August 20th.

“Henry is going to turn into a hurricane tonight [vendredi] Or stay strong on or near Saturday and hurricane Long Island or Sunday off the coast of southern New England.The National Hurricane Monitoring Center (NHC) said in a statement Friday at 5 p.m. But weather services have been warning of possible damage since Saturday.

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“The last hurricane to make landfall in New England began in 1991 until Bob”A spokesman for the U.S. Institute for the Study of the Sea and Atmosphere recalled. He killed at least seventeen people across the East Coast.

Risk of power outages in Massachusetts

Faced with the threat, many governors called on the people to be vigilant. In Massachusetts, the state where the city of Boston is located, Governor Charlie Baker asked “Everyone should avoid unnecessary travel”Especially in coastal areas.

In the state, all beaches and parks will be closed on Saturdays and Mondays, and the governor’s services say the storm could cause power outages for 100,000 to 300,000 residents.

The National Weather Service said on Twitter on Friday that the hurricane warning was valid for parts of Long Island in New York and the states of Connecticut and Rhode Island. “Dangerous Waves and Currents”.

A section of the beach in New York has been affected by the warning for this tropical storm. “This is the first hurricane warning issued for some parts of our region in nearly ten years.”, Promised New York City meteorological services, the last time Hurricane Irene was reported was at the end of August 2011. A year later, Hurricane Sandy left an even more painful memory in the American cultural and economic capital. Killed 44 people.

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