January 19, 2022

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According to British officials, the delta variant is 40% more diffuse than the alpha variant

UK Health Minister Matt Hancock said on Sunday, June 6th The Indian variant of the corona virus, renamed “Delta” according to a new nomenclature adopted by the World Health Organization, threatens to remove the last restrictions in the UK, which has a 40% higher chance of spreading The English variant – now called alpha – dominated the country until then.

“The most accurate assessment of growth benefit – we call it (…) – Is about 40% “, So Mr Hankok told the BBC, Citing the work of a panel of scientists advising the government. Despite the increase in the number of new contaminants identified in recent days, the number of hospital admissions remains stable, even if it exceeds 5,000 or 6,000 daily cases. Hancock said. He assured that most of those admitted to the hospital are concerned about unvaccinated patients.

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Was the removal of the barriers postponed?

The most affected country in Europe with more than 128,000 deaths, the UK has given at least one first vaccine to more than 40 million people, and more than 27 million have received their second dose.

But the arrival of the delta variant now dominates the UK, according to estimates, Threatens to remove the last restrictions expected on June 21st At the end of a long winter imprisonment. By that date, five-thirds of adults will be fully vaccinated, Hancock added. Currently against 52%.

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According to some British newspapers, The government plans to postpone this deadline for two weeks. The result is expected on June 14.

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