February 25, 2021

Acquisition of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McLenny Rexham

North American celebrities have finalized their purchase of the Welsh Club.

Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McLenny have acquired national league football club Rexham.

The pair agreed last year to take control of the Rexham Supporters Foundation club, but a deal has now been formalized. They have now invested $ 2 million in the club.

“It’s a special day for both of us to become the latest maids in Rexham AFC’s long and long history,” Reynolds and McLenny said in a statement.

“Together with the players, staff, fans and the local community we can continue our goal of growing the team and return to the EFL in the advanced arena, before the increased attendance. The wider community in Rexham.

“The Rexham AFC is in a position to thrive only on the Rexham supporters’ incredible efforts. Their members are a fitting reflection of the integrity and spirit of the city, and they will always play a vital role in the club.”

The UK Financial Conduct Commission has approved the acquisition in November 2020 after the Rexham Supporters Trust approved it. McLenny and Reynolds will promote women’s football as part of their rights.

“Work has already begun with Gemma Owen and Steve Dale on the community team in a new women’s football endeavor,” they added.

“As we build towards the promotion challenge, we are also committed to identifying current and future team members.

“In addition, we are engaged in the task of building a better team from the field by combining the knowledge of dedicated club staff and volunteers with new hires and experienced consultants. Our CEO search is progressing and we expect to have someone by the end of the season.

“All of these individuals will help us create worthy business opportunities for the world’s third oldest club, and we will reinvest that proceeds into Rexham AFC and the community.

“2020 has been a tough year and there are likely to be public health challenges in a few months, but we hope to do so in 2021 as it is safe to cheer the team off the stand.”

Rexham are seventh in the national league after playing 21 games.