January 19, 2022

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After August 31, Joe Biden no longer excluded his troops from leaving

Although he wants to keep his schedule, Joe Biden The door seems to have opened a little more for the presence of his army
Afghanistan. The U.S. president explained on Sunday that he hoped the evictions from Kabul would be completed by August 31.

“We hope we don’t have to prolong,” he said: “There will be discussions, I think.” “We will see what we can do,” he told a journalist. United States Stay in that place for a long time.

“Hard and painful” discharges

Head European diplomacy Joseph Borel ruled on Saturday that it was not possible to expel all Afghan collaborators of Western powers before August 31. Several human rights groups have called for Joe Biden to extend the deadline for the United States to withdraw.

About 28,000 people have been evicted since Aug. 14, the White House tenant said Sunday. “It was an incredible operation,” he said. “We are working hard and evacuating people quickly,” he said, adding that the evictions would have been “hard and painful” if they had started “a month ago”.

A week after the Taliban seized power, thousands of people tried to flee the country on Sunday as chaos erupted at Kabul airport. “We have made a number of changes, including expanding access throughout the airport and security zone,” Joe Biden said without elaborating.

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