January 19, 2022

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After the NSO scandal, Israel and Morocco continue their reconciliation

Despite the corruption, good relations between Israel and Morocco had to continue. Wednesday, August 11: Israeli Foreign Minister Yahya Labid, Visited the kingdom – Since 2003 – Almost a month after seventeen media outlets revealed The world, And Amnesty International, Israeli spyware used by Pegasus’ Moroccan security services to track journalists and political activists, as well as French targets.

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The Pegasus document, which embarrasses both capitals, does not appear anywhere on the agenda of this visit. In Morocco, Mr. Thus he accepts, without any concessions, the legacy left by Benjamin Netanyahu, the architect of the security reconciliations and later diplomatic agreements that allowed Israel to forge daytime relations with the four Arab countries (United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco). To the Palestinians.

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On Wednesday, Mr. Lapid visited the tomb where King Hassan II and Mohammed V were buried, after which he met with his colleague Nasser Borita. He was scheduled to officially open a diplomatic mission office in Rabat on Thursday. It did not get a simple minister, but a future head of government. After twelve consecutive years of rule, the emergence of a coalition that overthrew Mr Netanyahu in June is Mr Lapid. According to the weak agreement between him and his allies, he should become the Prime Minister in 2023.

Cooperation agreements

The agreement, signed by the Israeli watchdog NSO with the state of Morocco, was approved by the Israeli Ministry of Defense, and Israeli diplomacy said nothing on Wednesday. No more than the cyber security agreement signed by both states in July “Operational Cooperation, Research, Development and Information Sharing”, According to the Israeli National Directorate of Cyber ​​Security.

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Thanks to this agreement, according to our information, an operator within the Moroccan security services will be able to track the mobile phone numbers of French President Emmanuel Macron, his head of government and fourteen ministers with Israeli software.

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