January 17, 2021

Against the farmers, the Indian government failed to resolve the stalemate

New Delhi: Representatives of the Indian government and protesting farmers on Monday again disagreed with the farmers’ demand that the new agrarian reform laws be repealed.

As the government refused to repeal the law, farmers promised to continue to block the main highways connecting the country’s northern capital. The two sides agreed to meet on Friday for further talks.

“It is the responsibility of the government to decide whether we want to solve the problems of the farmers. We will not end our struggles until our demands are met,” said Hannan Mollah, the leader of the farmers.

Despite the corona virus infection, rain and continuous cold wave, tens of thousands of farmers have been blocking highways for nearly 40 days.

Farmers fear that under the laws the government will stop buying grain at the minimum guaranteed price and then companies will lower prices. The government said it was ready to guarantee that guaranteed prices would continue.

Farmers claim that these laws will lead to the cartelization and commercialization of agriculture and subject farmers to corporate greed.

Farmers have threatened to hold a rally on January 26 to celebrate Republic Day of India if their demands are not met.