April 18, 2021

Alexander Ellis was appointed British High Commissioner to India

Alexander Ellis & nbsp | & nbsp Photo credit: & nbspANI

London: Alexander Ellis has been appointed British High Commissioner to India, succeeding Philip Barton, and will resume key roles later this month, according to an official statement from the United Kingdom government.

Ellis began in January 2020 as Deputy National Security Adviser on Integrated Review of Diplomacy, Development and Security. Prior to that, he was Director General of the EU for three years.

Following the announcement, Ellis took to Twitter to share her joy at coming to India after 35 years.

“I am very excited to be going to India with my wife and son as British High Commissioner. Great job, great country, great opportunities for cooperation. Transferring British High Commissioner to India,” his tweet read.

He added, “I’l going back to the first country I lived outside of the UK 35 years ago. There’s a lot to learn about what’s what has not changed. I hope there are still mangoes.

Ellis, who shared his plans during his tenure in India, said he supports and celebrates the flow of talent between our two countries as the contribution of the Indian community to the UK is enormous.

“C19, Climate Change, Safety and Security and Development – YukinIndia and ச் HCI_London Building for the Benefit of Both Countries and the World”

He said he was looking forward to watching the England cricket tour and meeting Indian cricketer Virat Kohli.

“Glad to be posted in a superpower. I look forward to seeing the England cricket tour and the incomparable @imVKohli,” he said.

In a tweet, he wrote in Hindi to share his commitment to the language. He said he would take help whenever needed to understand “difficult but beautiful language”.