January 22, 2022

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Amid the eruption of the Omigron variant, Boris Johnson was weakened by his forces.

Despite the unprecedented revolt of his troops in Parliament Who undermines his power, Prime Minister
British, Boris Johnson defends his actions against the corona virus
Variation Omicron.

Conflicts of interest within his party or Downing Street parties at the end of 2020 Violating health rules … Two years after his historic election victory,
Conservative leader Is weakened by
A series of scandals And risk, Thursday, the loss of a conservative fort during a partial legislative test.

“Big Feet”

On Tuesday evening, he experienced a humiliation in the House of Commons: his majority of 99 delegates voted against establishing a health permit for major events. In a country that already has 146,500 deaths from Govt-19, it has the backing of the Labor opposition to adopt this primary government move aimed at combating the “wave” of Omigron cases. This was the biggest uprising that Boris Johnson faced. The only former prime minister at the party level Theresa May He had already suffered the worst blow since World War II. “Massive blow”, “big setback” or even “wounded Boris”: British newspapers underlined the level of disbelief on Wednesday, while only sixty rebel Tories were initially expected.

“We voted yesterday because of the Conservatives’ vote,” Boris Johnson was particularly agitated when asked by weekly delegates. “I respect and understand the legitimate concerns about the restrictions on the freedom of my colleagues, but I believe the approach we take is balanced, proportionate and fair to this country,” he added. Labor leader Khair Stormer told Conservative MPs he was “wrong to vote against basic health measures, but I can understand why they are angry with him” and asked him to consider the head of government “too weak to rule.” “Necessary Confidence and Power.”

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“Clear message”

The uprising was a sign of dissatisfaction with some Tories’ health measures, which led to the assassination of Independence and the detriment of the British economy. But it is also about a broader referendum against the corrupt government. “The prime minister received a very clear message yesterday that his colleagues were not happy with the way the current government is operating,” Conservative MP Mark Harper told the Times Radio. Boris Johnson sought to change the rules of order in Parliament in favor of Conservative MP Owen Patterson, who had to resign over the campaign.

Explosive revelations about hosting events on Downing Street in December 2020 – calling for the government to strictly restrict British social interaction – and numerous allegations of corruption. Tired of the Tories, the Conservative Party may organize a no-confidence vote against its leader, who is becoming increasingly popular in the polls. MP Goeffrey Clifton-Brown has already publicly stated on Sky News that he wants such a vote.

Symbol election

“Two years after the Conservative Party tore down its last leader, the Eagles are back,” he said. Defender The columnist, Polly Toynbee, said she would have Foreign Secretary Liz Truss Johnson as her “obvious candidate for victory.” “The government now relies on Stormer to provide a consistent majority for its policies,” the editorial said. Times Daniel Fingelstein, “Government is in office, but no longer in power”.

The prime minister’s legitimacy will be put to the test on Thursday in a by-election in North Shropshire (central England) to replace Owen Patterson. According to experts, this “Tory” fortress may escape from the Prime Minister for the benefit of liberal Democrats. “Some MPs have personally suggested that the loss of North Shropshire would be the last nail in Boris Johnson’s coffin,” he said. Daily telegram.