January 22, 2022

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An epidemiologist confirms that pollution could rise in France “in two or three weeks”

Rise of pollution associated with the Omigron variant may occur in France “In the next two or three weeks”, Thursday, December 16, in FranceInfo, said Mahmoud Zurich, professor of epidemiology and public health at the University of Versailles-Saint-Quentin-N-Yewlines and director of the EP-Fair. Variation. In 24 hours, 88,376 new Govt-19 cases have been identified, a record for the second day in a row since the outbreak.

franceinfo: How to explain the outbreak of this epidemic in the United Kingdom?

Mahmoud Zurich : The first reason is the high exchange of omigran. According to English sources, it is three to four times more contagious than the Delta, while the Delta Alpha variant is more contagious and the alpha is more contagious than the original virus. There is a lot of communication between Africa and Britain. Above all, Great Britain has the ability to accurately calculate the number of cases. They screen whether it is Delta or Omigrana. And they do the sorting. With this data, they make it the largest in the world, accounting for about 20% of cases. In France, it is about 4%. So they are 4, 5, 6 times more than France. The figures in France, therefore, are often underestimated.

Does what is happening in the United Kingdom predict what will happen to us in France?

Most likely. Last year, the alpha variant was in the UK in December-January. This happened to us in March-April. Delta was in Great Britain in June and it happened to us in July. Also, considering the nature of the spread, we have all the impression that this is happening to us with less significant change. Next month or even the next two or three weeks.

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Can a third dose slow the eruption of this variant?

I think you should not hesitate to take the third dose soon, especially for the elderly and those with weakened immune systems. Studies in this regard are clear. A vaccine with two injections is not enough. Messenger RNA vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna provide little protection against infection. But on the other hand, a booster dose protects against infections and severe forms.

Are you thinking of reducing the time between the second dose and the third dose?

The European Agency has confirmed a three-month delay between the second dose and the booster dose. Why not. But how to vaccinate one million, more than two million people a day? There are also logistics issues that are difficult to overcome. Above all, the elderly and those at risk should be given priority to receive a third dose to protect themselves.