January 16, 2022

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An Islamic Purpose “Possible”

An attack, armed with barefoot and a long kitchen knife, killed three women on the streets of Worcester on Friday.

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Three women stabbed to death by Somalis in the German city of Worcester on Friday “Possible” Environment “Islamist”, Announced on Tuesday, June 29, the case in charge of the police and the investigation. “This thesis is currently supported by two cries of‘ Allah Akbar ’(‘ Allah is the Greatest ’). The arrest was made by the suspect when he was admitted to hospital at a clinic in Worcester.

However, at this point the federal counter-terrorism case has not been captured. “So far no evidence of propaganda material or other extremist content has been found on the suspect.”, Refers to the news release. The investigation is currently focusing on examining items including two cellphones confiscated from the home of a 24-year-old Somali who arrived in Germany in 2015.

The state of mental health of the youth is also in question. A psychiatrist is active. Having obtained a residence permit in Germany, he has had trouble getting out with justice twice since the beginning of this year, when he was ordered to be temporarily assigned to a mental hospital. In January, he threatened several people with a knife at his home in Worcester, where he was staying.

On Saturday, Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Hermann assessed it “Signs of Radicalization towards Islam” Those who showed that the young man was suffering “Potential mental health issues are not mutually exclusive”. On Friday, barefoot and armed with a long kitchen knife, they attacked ten people in a row, some of them touching their heads and necks, at a department store in the Bavarian city, late in the afternoon.

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