January 19, 2022

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Angela Merkel calls on Armin Laschett to vote for “Germany to be stable”

Angela Merkel was in Munich on Friday evening, just hours before the federal election in Germany on Sunday, September 26. The caretaker German president came to support the Conservative candidate after sixteen years in power. According to Angela Merkel, the removal of troops is a question when Armin Laschett is in trouble in the election, a loser against Social Democrat Olaf Scholes, who makes the ballot unpredictable with a small gap.

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It was the whistles of anti-climate activists and the applause of Conservative Party activists who greeted the German president. With all the smiles, in a white dress, Angela Merkel defends her second place on stage. “The question of who rules Germany is irrelevant. For Germany to be stable, Armin Lachet must become president.”, She declares.

With all smiles, the Conservative Party addresses candidate activists. Armin Laschett, who did not run in the election, announces his plan. “We are for free trade. We want to form new global alliances and safeguard the stability of Europe.”, He lists.

One party rallied behind its candidate. Mark Merkel relies heavily on the effect. “The majority of Germans like Angela Merkel. After sixteen years in government, she is very popular. I think it will be useful., The activist hopes.

Still, Angela Merkel’s successor is considered unpopular and often undecided. For example some people did not forgive his laughter during his western journey in the country during the floods. But Ingborg has the feeling that Armin Laschett has left the meeting that has made him forget his sometimes grim figure.

“He’s the best Armin Lashed I’ve ever seen. He’s really wearing the Chancellor’s pants. He’s broken. Angela Merkel was fine. It was compliant. I’m so excited.”

Ingborg, militant CDU

To Francispo

But for Rudolf, who has always voted for Angela Merkel, the chancellor’s dismissal comes too late. In the run-up to the election, the pensioner believes the war in the conservative camp is over. “He should have supported him at least six months ago. He believes. I think she doesn’t trust 100% even with Armin Lashett. She has no choice but to get there, it is her duty. Otherwise it would be a disaster. “ Often, the evening ended in music with Armin Laschett, but without Angela Merkel, back in Berlin.