December 8, 2021

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Arbitration in Martinique offers its recommendations, the anti-pass that disrupts air traffic in Guadeloupe

Health pass and vaccine duty continue to cause reluctance in Martinique and Guadeloupe. On Friday, November 12, the work of a government-mandated national mediator at Martinique University Hospital ended in failure. “Formally” Health is mediated in the face of opposition from Intercindical. In Guadeloupe, air traffic was blocked for almost three hours on Saturday by anti-Health Pass protesters.

  • At Martinique, the mediator makes six recommendations

The union, which opposes government-mandated mediation, health passes and caretakers’ vaccination duties at Martinique University Hospital, on Friday recommended postponing the duty until Dec. 31, when the health condition ends. Emergency in this foreign sector. Visit on the 1stThere is During a press conference in Fort-de-France in November to find a way out of the current conflict, national mediator Daniel Dubiller said he had met more than a hundred people during his stay on the populated island. “Anxiety and Fracture” Has been “Especially affected by the fourth murder wave”.

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According to the latest figures from the Regional Health Agency (ARS), 700 people have died in Govit-19 at CHU in Ford-de-France since the outbreak, and only 38.6% of those aged 12 and over. Provide a complete vaccination schedule.

With the support of the work director of virologist Emmanuel Cordian and the director of the Prefecture Leandre Bureau, the national arbitrator did not succeed in setting up the mediation, in the face of the health union that demanded that he extend the framework of his work beyond that. Public service only. “Although we did not mediate properly as we expected, my work is done.”, Said Daniel Dubilier on Friday, whose work is scheduled for Nov. 12.

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In a letter to the Ministries of Health and Foreign Affairs, the National Mediator made six recommendations. “Maintain Patient Responsibility” At Martinique University Hospital, this “Fear of deteriorating care by division” It rules between hospital teams.

In these recommendations, the arbitrators propose to defer the deadline for vaccine duty. Originally scheduled for October 24, after the first waiver, the first injection should be done on December 6. The second dose, which is mandatory on the island on November 15, will be postponed to December 31. During this period, MMe Toupillier recommends keeping PCR and antigen tests free. Finally, “For those who do not wish to be vaccinated, support and sub-organization for reclassification or professional retraining is expected”, Supports the mission. Ministers Olivier Véran and Sébastien Lecornu are expected to respond in the coming days.

  • In Guadeloupe, air traffic was disrupted by anti-pass

In Guadeloupe, air traffic was blocked for nearly three hours on Saturday by health pass protesters blocking access to Pôle Caraibes International Airport, Agence France-Presse (AFP) sources said. Several hundred protesters, with firefighters in the front row, rallied on the access road to the airport as the tourist season began, according to local media.

“For less than three hours, access to the airport was blocked and parking was inaccessibleAn airport source confirmed the AFP location, police sources and local media information. We had to manage the expectations of passenger arrivals and departures. Passengers who had to board the plane arrived at the airport on foot. They passed the demonstration without clashes or violence to take their plane. There were some delays, but the situation returned to normal. “

According to local media, the demonstration was organized every Saturday by the LKP Coalition (Lyannaj Konrt Pwofitasyion) and trade union organizations opposed to the vaccination duty for health permits and caregivers.

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In Guadeloupe, less than half of people over the age of 18 have received at least the first dose of the vaccine, and the debate over the mandatory vaccine is lively. The call for a general strike was launched on Monday by a coalition of union and civil society organizations against vaccination duty and the suspension of caregivers in all sectors. In a press release issued on Friday, the Guadeloupe Department of Fire and Rescue Service announced that it will establish a minimum service from Monday. “To ensure the continuity of public service by respecting the right to strike”.

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