December 8, 2021

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Attack on Capitol Hill: Trump must hand over secret documents to Congress

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Trump must hand over confidential documents related to the attack on Capitol Hill

United States – Great disappointment for Donald Trump. On Tuesday, November 9, a US court authorized the sending of documents related to the January 6 attack on the Capitol by Donald Trump supporters to a parliamentary inquiry. Despite the former president trying to keep them secret.

“The Court argues that the Joint Options of the Legislature and the Executive Branch should respond favorably to the study of the public interest. Events until January 6th”, Federal Judge Tanya Sutkan wrote in her conclusion, which was broadcast by several American media outlets.

Donald Trump especially liked it To prevent the spread to the Commission of Inquiry With hundreds of documents from the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives, including lists of people who visited or invited him on the day of the Capitol attack.

“Presidents are not kings, plaintiffs are not presidents”

More than 770 pages of documents include the files of his former CEO Mark Meadows, his former senior adviser Stephen Miller and his former deputy adviser Patrick Bilpin.

Donald Trump believed he could block the publication of the White House daily newspaper – an account of his activities, travels, summaries and phone calls.

Other documents the former president did not want to see in Congress include notes to his former press secretary Kaylee McNani, a handwritten note on the January 6 events and a draft text of his speech. Attack. The Republican millionaire insisted on the executive’s right to keep certain information confidential.

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“Presidents are not kings, plaintiffs are not presidents,” Judge Sutton insisted in a court document.

Trump will appeal

The Washington Post reports that Donald Trump’s lawyers have already expressed interest in appealing the ruling.

The announcement comes as a parliamentary committee investigating the attack on Congress begins a new round of sabbaticals for relatives of the former president on Tuesday, including his former White House spokeswoman Kaylee McNani.

On January 6, thousands of Republican presidential supporters besieged the U.S. Congress in an attempt to block Democrat Joe Biden’s election victory.

The previous day, Donald Trump had addressed a crowd a few hundred feet away, arguing that the election had been stolen from him – without qualification.

The Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry is seeking the testimony of potential officials Talk about what the president knows about the attack What did he do when that event happened, before it happened?

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