December 8, 2021

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Australia flies to rescue Solomon Islands

After two days of violent unrest in his country, pro-Chinese Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manase Chowkare sought help in Australia on Thursday, November 25. Under the security agreement that binds the two countries from 2017, its Australian counterpart, Scott Morrison, who clashed with Beijing, responded immediately and announced the deployment of more than a hundred police and army. To assist law enforcement in the Solomon Islands “Ensuring Stability and Security” Of the archipelago. The first men landed in the capital, Hon’ble, the same evening. On Friday morning, Solomon Islands police used warning shots to disperse protesters trying to reach the prime minister’s private residence and drive them into the center of the archipelago’s capital, Hon’ble.

“The Australian government has no intention of interfering in the internal affairs of the Solomon Islands, it is up to them to resolve them. I said very clearly. That fact must be taken into account. “, Conservative Scott Morrison wanted to clarify the previous day.

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Between 2003 and 2017, Canberra led the Ramsey Peace Keeping Force, which was established to stabilize Melanesia after five years of inter-ethnic violence. “Australia already have experience on the field. Without his intervention, there is a risk of reviving the civil war that could have caused regional instability., Explains researcher Alexandre Dayant at the Lowe’s Institute in Sydney.

On Wednesday, protesters demanding the resignation of Manasseh Sadak tried to blockade parliament before sweeping the streets of the capital, where they set fire to official buildings and looted shops. From 7pm, the head of state issued a curfew, but police were completely submerged by rioters who continued to loot the city and especially the Chinatown district. Concerned, Beijing’s diplomatic spokesman Zhao Lijian asked The government of the Solomon Islands must take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of Chinese companies and citizens.

Hate on China

This is not the first time the community, which owns most of the businesses in Hon’ble, has been affected by the Solomon’s wrath, with some of them claiming they were invaded. In 2006, protesters already attacked Chinatown.

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