January 16, 2022

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Australia will be “patient” to re-establish ties with France

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has contacted Emmanuel Macron to try to contain the current animosity between the two countries. A satisfaction that “more time” should take place between France and the United States.

The Australian Prime Minister admitted on Wednesday evening that French President Emmanuel Macron was making his life difficult after the deal for the submarines came to an end. However, Scott Morrison promises:PatientTo restore relations with France.

Speaking in Washington in the evening, Scott Morrison explained that he had tried to reach out to Emmanuel Macron, but was interviewed.not yet“Occurred.”But we will be patient. We understand their frustrationHe pledges a week after Australia terminated a deal to buy 90 billion French submarines worth A $ 90 billion (55 55 billion) with the usual impetus. At the same time as violating the agreement, Australia announced the purchase of at least eight U.S. or British nuclear submarines.

In retaliation, France canceled an evening to celebrate Franco-US relations in Washington and recalled its ambassadors to Washington and Canberra, accusing both countries of bringing it.Blow back.

When The US and French presidents sought to defuse tensions In a 30-minute phone interview, described as friendly by Joe Biden, nothing like that was done with Morrison. France plans to return its ambassador to Washington next week, but has not given a date for a similar move in Canberra. “Australia has decided not to follow the most important security agreement. We know that France is disappointed with this decisionScott Morrison said. I think it will take longer to resolve these issues than the issues resolved between the United States and France..

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