January 19, 2022

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Back on stage, Donald Trump maintains suspense over a new candidacy

Donald Trump, who has been banned from social media for flirting with the new presidential candidate in 2024, delivered his first televised speech on Saturday, June 5, months ago. “Survival of the fittest” Depending on the Republican victory in next year’s parliamentary election.

If the former U.S. president finds his campaign music, that voice was much quieter in front of about 1,200 guests at the North Carolina Republican convention than at his famous big meetings.

Speaking for about an hour and a half at Greenville in the southeastern United States, the 74-year-old millionaire revisited the idea of ​​a candidate in 2024. “A year I look forward to”, Applause.

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He reiterated his unsubstantiated allegations of massive electoral fraud during the November 2020 presidential election. “This election will be the biggest crime of the century in history.”, Almost five months after leaving the White House, introduced his Democratic successor, Joe Biden, until the victory was not yet explicitly acknowledged. In the audience, a woman was wearing a hat with the message: ஒரு Trump is a cognac.

America “humiliated”

Then banned from social media The murderous attack on the Capitol by its supporters on January 6, Who condemned «Volume In the election, the millionaire has not delivered a televised speech since February. Despite this silence, he has always been an influencer among Republicans, acting as a king and, through daily comments, distributing his electoral support for the “midterm” parliamentary elections – the November midterm elections, 2022 – or its opponents.

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“America’s survival depends on the ability to elect Republicans at all levels, starting in the middle of next year.”, Did he announce? Illegal immigration “Registration Levels”, “Our companies were looted by foreign cyber attacks”, Petrol prices “Exploding”, He painted a dangerous picture of the beginning of Joe Biden’s tenure. “America is hated and humiliated on the world stage”, s’incline “In front of China”, He charged.

The 45e The President of the United States has also taken up other important popular topics among Republicans, defending the right to bear arms.“Instruction” The so-called school students in public schools where racism is talked about cause applause.

The public, on the other hand, were silent when they told themselves “Very proud” want to buy it “Billions of dollars before we knew this vaccine worked.”. “We have saved millions and millions of lives.”, He cleared, without expressing a reaction. The United States has the highest death toll in the world, with nearly 600,000 deaths from Govt-19.

After a moment of rumors to his daughter-in-law Laura Trump, the former president who was very close with his family, he finally announced that he would not stand for a seat in the US Senate.

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Election property

The real estate mogul also condemned “Radical Left Lawyers in New York”, WhenA large arbitral tribunal was set up in May to determine the charges against him or his group.

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The attack on Capitol Hill and its doctrine has been repeatedly dismissed by the courts, and despite the electoral fraud, some Republicans have distanced themselves from Donald Trump. Because many see him as a valuable asset to the Middle Ages, hoping that at that point they will regain control of Congress. Unprecedented influence for an American president who was defeated after a term. Severe number of epidemics during his tenure and “Dangerous talks with the failed president are not enough for the Republicans to break up.”, Democrat spokesman Ammar Moussa was dealt with.

Accused by the House of Representatives“Incitement to Rebellion” In the attack on Capitol Hill, Donald Trump was released after a second indictment in the Senate in February for failing to get enough votes on the Republican side.

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Provocatively, Donald Trump released it on Friday ” next time “ He will be in the White House, he will not call the Facebook boss, Mark Zuckerberg, angry at being suspended on the social network for two years. Unprecedented results. The former president, who was banned from Twitter, backtracked on Facebook’s boss on Saturday: “These kinds of individuals cannot be allowed to lead our country.” As for returning to the stage? “I’m not really interested. “

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