January 22, 2022

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Baden-Wர்டrttemberg. 107 people died in two days, the mayor of Mannheim called to jail

Baden-W்டrttemberg recorded another terrible record on Tuesday. 54 people have died due to Govt. Monday added 53 deaths, making it more than 100 deaths in two days. On Tuesday, more than 10,700 new contaminants were identified in the land.

The incidence rate seems to be slightly lower: 511 against Tuesday and 514 this Wednesday against Monday 508. But the situation in hospitals is dramatic, with 622 patients in intensive care. There are only twenty places in intensive care today Wednesday morning.

For vaccination duty

In this context, local elected officials are criticized for wasting too much time and unresponsiveness in debating federal power in Berlin and regional government in Stuttgart. Peter Kurz (SPD), president of the Baden-Württemberg Association of Cities (Städtetag) and mayor of Mannheim (SPD), called on the press this morning to expedite the establishment of general control over the overall population. “At the point where we are, small steps were taken in pieces, which made no sense,” the elected official declared. Journal “Mannheimer Morgan”. For Peter Kurs this measure should be in line with the establishment of the vaccine obligation.

At a city council meeting on Tuesday evening in Freiburg im Breskov, it was decided to set up new vaccination centers in museums and theaters. Testing stations should also operate quickly at night because the demand is so high, especially for testing children. In fact, in Freefork, schools implement “collective testing.” The saliva of all school children in the same class is simultaneously mixed and analyzed. So instead of twenty only one test is performed. This saves time and money. If the joint test is positive, parents are advised to test their child individually to detect a positive case.

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Dentists like to get vaccinated

However, in recent days, the incidence rate has erupted among young people (5 – 12 years) who have not yet been vaccinated. It reached 800. Since then, the test stations have been hit by a storm, with not enough time to open.

The dentists in Baden-Wூrttemberg on Tuesday proposed that they be allowed to practice vaccination to speed up the injection of a third dose, thus freeing their general practitioner colleagues.