January 16, 2022

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Belarus condemns ‘destructive’ Western sanctions and sends Germany back to its Nazi past

Belarus on Tuesday, June 22 condemned the new sanctions “Destructive” Outraged by the violence against Germany, referring to its Nazi past, it was taken by the West after the May 23, Minsk intercepted a plane to arrest an adversary.

“We have repeatedly stated that sanctions are detrimental to the interests of citizens and that they are counterproductive and evil. Yet these deliberate acts of destruction continue.”The Belarusian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. Condemnation “Anti-activities” And “Pressure on a Sovereign”, The ministry joked about Western reports “Like a parody of logic and common sense”. As for Minsk, these new barriers “Boundaries of Economic War Declaration”, See also.

“What we did not expect was that Germany was also involved in this conspiracy.”, Launches Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko to commemorate 80e Year of the beginning of the invasion of the Soviet Union by IIIe Reich. “We do not expect this from those whose ancestors killed one in three Belarusians and prevented the birth of millions of children.”, he said.

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Another hot battle?

“Eighty years have passed, so what?” What is the hot new war? “ Lukashenko asked. “Look! Isn’t that a symbol? They imposed sanctions overnight against our people and our businesses. The night of June 22.”, He continued.

The European Union, the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada on Monday decided to punish dozens of individuals and entities associated with power in Belarus. A total of 78 officers and eight companies were added to the list of Belarusians allowed to arrest two passengers who flew over Belarus on May 23 to quell protests and divert a Ryanair plane. Belarusian dissident journalist Roman Protasevich And his Russian friend Sofia Sabeka.

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Among those allowed were businessmen, the Belarusian defense and transport ministers, and one of the sons of Air Chief Marshal and President Alexander Lukashenko.

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With these personal sanctions, the Europeans decided to attack Belarus’ main sources of income by stopping the import of petroleum products and certain types of potash and the export of products to the Belarusian tobacco industry. The EU will tighten its arms embargo, ban the sale of dual-use goods and surveillance equipment, and provide any new bank loans to the Belarusian regime.

“These are measures that will greatly affect the revenue of Belarus and the state.”German Foreign Minister Heiko Mass told a meeting of European foreign ministers on Monday. Mr. I have a great desire to ask Masi (). who are you ? A German or Nazi heir who repented yesterday? “ Alexander Lukashenko responded Tuesday.

Belarus’ primary exports include petroleum products and potash, with 27 EU member states not being major consumers of these products. More than thirty years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the Belarusian economy is largely under state control and depends on Russia, Minsk’s main ally and debtor. The EU has already approved 88 members of the executive, including President Lukashenko and his son Victor.

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