January 22, 2022

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Belgian PM “wants to bother the virus, not the people”

11:34 am: “Biz off” to those who have not been vaccinated: “Not my vocabulary” says Belgian PM

Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre de Crowe said he “wanted to bother the virus and not bother the people”, expressing his disagreement with Emmanuel Macron’s controversial comments about those who have not been vaccinated. In a press conference Evening Released Saturday.
The Belgian leader responded by saying, “Clearly, this is not my vocabulary.”

10:47 a.m .: Quebec bans those who have not been vaccinated from accessing liquor and cannabis stores

Quebec, a Canadian province most affected by the Omigron wave, has decided to introduce restrictions on those who are not vaccinated “to protect themselves” and “make them understand that they must stay at home”.

10:09 a.m .: Meeting on a voyage over the Caribbean Sea

From Mauguio, near Hெல்லrault, the couple set sail for the Caribbean in early January. A good moment that turned into a nightmare: Due to the epidemic, they get stuck on the ship and it turns into a cluster. All ports refuse stops. The story is told in France 3.

9:50 am: Night curfew introduced in Saint-Martin

A one-night curfew has been imposed in Saint-Martin since this Friday, with Gov. Serge Cotteron announcing that the Health Pass will be forced to work with Govt-19 to prevent a “rapid increase in pollution”.

9:15 a.m .: Germany restricts access to restaurants and bars

President Olaf Scholes has announced that Germany, which is facing an increase in infections due to the Omigron variant, will further restrict access to restaurants and cafes, but reduce isolation periods to avoid possible freezing of the country.

8:40 a.m .: Djokovic was summoned by prosecutors in December to justify the exception.

World tennis player Novak Djokovic was exempted from the Kovit-19 vaccine in December after contracting the virus, his lawyers say in a document filed in court on Saturday.
“The date of the first positive Govt PCR test was recorded on December 16, 2021,” they said in a document filed in federal court seeking to revoke his visa denial of entry into Australia.

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8:15 a.m .: The world is fighting against Omigron to cross the 300 million case milestone

As countries fight the spread of the Omicron variant and accelerate vaccination campaigns, the official number of Govt-19 cases, undoubtedly underestimated, has surpassed 300 million.
The WHO office in China has detected at least 300,042,439 infections since the outbreak in late December 2019, according to AFP figures established from official reports.

7:50 a.m .: Isolated senior officers in Hong Kong

Dozens of senior Hong Kong officials were sent to a 21-day isolation camp after rubbing shoulders with victims at a party that brought together the city’s political elite.

6:56 a.m .: 300,000 ban of Govt-19 dies in Mexico

Mexico, the fifth-most affected country in the world, crossed the 300,000 death toll from the Covit-19 on Friday amid renewed outbreaks around the world.
In all, the United States was the worst-hit country with 836,241 deaths, followed by Brazil (619,822), India (483,178) and Russia (314,604).
Mexico reported 28,023 new cases on Friday, the second-highest number since the epidemic began, with a total of more than four million.

6:51 a.m .: Antivox back on the street, afraid of tensions

The “anti-tax” is back on the streets this Saturday, with 144 activities planned for the country. Amid the remarkable statements of Emmanuel Macron, the environment lends itself to renewed mobilization between the “smallpox” of those who have not been vaccinated and the adoption of the vaccine pass in the National Assembly. In Paris, even yellow underwear is planned to be protested … and officials fear that Black Blocks will join the procession.

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6:49 a.m .: Parents of students “crack”, unions call for strike

Check your children once every two days and rush them away because of the Covit-19 vulnerability … Parents of many students in France express their frustration after the start of the school year with the “most complicated protocol”. And teachers’ unions call for a strike. “Parents are turning into goats” and are starting to get annoyed, says Laurent Jameskovsky, vice president of the Students’ Parents (Beep) Association. , It’s getting more complicated, they ‘run everywhere,’ ‘said Nagat Belasen, co – chair of another parent association (FCPE).

The unions therefore called for a national strike on Thursday, January 13 to “obtain conditions for a safe school under Omicron.”

6:47 am: More than 300,000 contaminants, wave rising in the hospital

According to official figures released Friday evening, the number of daily Covit-19 pollutants is more than 300,000, and hospital admissions are still rising. Exactly 328,214 new cases have been reported in public health France. Weekly average 267,000. The 100,000 mark was crossed on December 29th.

Beyond the incidence of pollution, the hospital wave continues to increase, but at a slower rate than the increase in the number of cases. Of the 21,605 Govt patients admitted to the hospital (436 patients admitted within 24 hours), 3,815 (+46 combinations) are in intensive care and are reserved for more critically ill patients.

230 000

Olivier Véran This week 230,000 first injections were performed this week, an unprecedented amount since last September.

6:45 a.m .: Hello everyone and welcome to this live stream dedicated to news about the Covit-19 epidemic in France and around the world.