January 22, 2022

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Boko Haram leader Abu Bakr Shekhaw dies, rival jihadi group Iswab confirms

Boko Haram leader Abu Bakr Shekhaw has died. – AP / SIPA

Head Boko Haram, Abu Bakr Shekhaw, committed suicide while fighting against ISIS, a rival jihadi group in West Africa (ISWAF), the latter said in an audio recording released two weeks after initial reports of his death.

“Shekhaw wanted to be humiliated in the hereafter rather than humiliated on earth. He killed himself by setting off an explosive device,” Isab leader Abu Musab al-Barnawi voiced in the Kanuri language, usually quoting the group’s news from a source provided to the AFP in this post.

A hunt

Boko Haram has not announced the death of its leader or military Nigerian The investigation said.

In his post, Iswab describes how his troops, sent to the Boko Haram lodge in the Sambisa forest, found Shekhaw sitting in his house and began fighting.

“He retreated and wandered in the bush for five days. However, the militants (from Iswa) continued to search for him and kept an eye on him until they found him, ”the voice said.

Iswab is a jihadi group that dominates northeastern Nigeria

After kicking him out of the bush, Iswab’s fighters invited him and his supporters to repent, but Shekhaw refused and killed himself, she continues.

“We’re so excited,” the voice said Abu Bakr Shekhaw “Guilty of unimaginable terrorism and atrocities”.

Recognized by the Islamic State, Iswab was born in 2016 from a split with Boko Haram. After coming to power, it is the jihadi group that now dominates northeastern Nigeria.

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