February 25, 2021

Book MyShow launches streaming site in India

Image Source: BOOKMYSHOW

Book MyShow launches streaming site in India.

Domestic movie and events ticketing site BookMyShow on Friday launched a transactional video-on-demand (DVOT) streaming platform in India that allows users to rent a movie for a limited time or purchase for unlimited access. The move comes at a time when the Govt-19 epidemic has greatly affected the experience of watching a movie, as restrictions have been in place to keep theaters out of bounds for months.

With more than 600 movie titles and 72,000 hours of content, the Book MyShow stream will feature films and content from around the world with India, the site said. Since initially 22,000 hours of content was “exclusive” to the platform, Book My Show Stream will have several marquee premieres each Friday.

“‘BookMyShow Stream’ is a natural extension of our cinema business and respects current theatrical windows for content. It empowers users to pay only for the content they watch – a trend in practice in other global cinema markets, not yet used in India,” Cinemas, CEO of BookMyShow Ashish Saxena said in a statement.

“With flexible purchasing options and a seamless user interface, this new offering enhances Book My Show’s journey from gateway to advanced curator of tent polar content experiences.”

From Friday, the new service will be home to Christopher Nolan’s “Denet”, Calcutta’s “Wonder Woman 1984”, and the horror fantasy “The Craft: Legacy”.

Apart from these, films such as “Alone”, “Yes God Yes”, “The Peanut Butter Falcon”, “The Guild”, “Less Miserables”, “Unhinked” and the acclaimed Russian science fiction “Coma” from premium independence will be screened exclusively on the studio stage. This site is designed to provide a personalized experience based on the user’s preferences, transactions and behavior at BookMyShow.

The company said it will be available on BookMyShow’s mobile app and website as well as on Apple TV, Android TV, Firestick, Chromecast and desktop browsers, and the site will allow users to enjoy features such as downloads, offline viewing and templates.

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