January 22, 2022

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Boris Johnson: Two new evenings were arranged during his imprisonment on Downing Street

When Elizabeth II is about to bury her husband, a suitcase full of wine and dancing until late at night: New revelations about parties held in the heart of British power end a disastrous week for Boris Johnson, now openly competing with the majority.

Employees of the Office of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson 10 Downing Street on Thursday 17th full blockade and said Thursday that a party had been arranged ahead of Prince Philip’s funeral. Telegraph.

While the country was mourning, two members of the Prime Minister’s Committee, the Director of Communications, James Slack, and one of the personal photographers, advisers and civil servants, left together. Boris Johnson, On two separate evenings.

The two pots, which were very drunk, brought thirty people together, including a man who was organized in the basement of the building where a manager was a DJ and was attached to the garden of the official residence, according to daily reports close to the authority.

At the same time, the rules passed on Downing Street stated that indoor meetings were prohibited. Only six people were allowed to gather outside.

Boris Johnson has apologized

These joyous scenes contradict the funeral arrangements made the next day as a tribute to Prince Philip. Due to restrictions attached to Govt-19, images of Queen Elizabeth II sitting alone in the front row of the church later represent the severity of imprisonment in the United Kingdom.

“The Queen, like many others at the time, sat alone with grief at the time of personal trauma and sacrifice in order to respect the rules for the national interest,” Labor Vice President Angela Rainer denounced. Opposition.

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In a statement, UK government spokesman James Slack on Friday apologized for the “anger and pain caused”. “This incident should not have happened at that time,” he added, adding that he accepted “full responsibility”.

The new revelations come as the prime minister struggles to stay in power. The 57-year-old Tory leader apologized in parliament on Wednesday, May 20, 2020, for attending a party in the gardens of his official residence, and later said he thought it was a business meeting.

The incident came at a shocking time for the British, when his secretary sent an invitation to about 100 people with advice to bring their bottles. In the midst of the first wave of Govt-19, only two people were allowed to meet outside and many Britons were unable to say goodbye to their dying loved ones.

Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections

Immediately, opposition parties in the Labor Party accused him of lying and demanded his resignation, while a majority of his government members supported him on Twitter or in the media.

“It is good that the Prime Minister is apologizing and I support his request to be patient,” said Rishi Sunak, his finance minister who is considered a viable candidate for the PM’s job. Minister.

Better expected next week, the results of this internal investigation now assure that the fate of Boris Johnson will be decisive. The scandal comes on top of allegations of corruption and support against the Prime Minister.

Boris JohnsonHe came to power with the victory of the Conservative Party in July 2019, and saw his long-term popularity plummet in the referendum. One that Yukov prepared for the Times before he apologized gives Labor a wide-ranging ten-point lead for the first time in almost a decade. On Thursday, the head of state escaped questions from cameras and the media: in the Govt contact case, he canceled a scheduled visit to the vaccination center.

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