March 1, 2021

Boxing requires consistent selection procedures: Ashish Shelar | Boxing News

Chandigarh: It all started in 2019 when six-time world champion boxer Mary Kom was selected to join the Indian team for the Tokyo Olympics without any trials. However, the selection process did not go as well as the young Nikath Zareen of Telangana, who urged the Indian Boxing Federation to give a fair chance to the selection. This sparked a new competition for the 51kg category.
However, Nikat’s demand for a test match for Olympic qualifiers in Jordan was heard, and Mary Kom ruled at the top after handing over the 24 – year – old 9-1 defeat.
Finished and dusty but ugly face could have been handed over in a better way, as contestant Ashish Shelar feels for the post of PFI chairman in the upcoming February 3 elections. In an interview with TOI, Sheller explains his priorities if he wins the election.
What is your first priority if you are elected?
My first priority is to ensure that the boxers heading to the Tokyo Olympics are in the best frame of mind and health, and to receive support and encouragement with our whole mind. Another top priority is preparation and planning for the 2024 and 2028 Olympics. We need to find out more about Vijender Singh and Mary Gomez. As a National Sports Federation (NSF) our strategies must revolve around the youth because they are the future. This is in line with the vision expected by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and I would like to reflect on it in boxing.
How do you plan to resolve a conflict between boxers, e.g., Mary Kom vs Nikath Zareen fight?
This may seem like a very diplomatic answer, but trust me when I say they are both right in their own way. There is really nothing wrong with having no set settings. During my many contacts with Mr. Cowley, he was often frustrated by his failed attempts to implement standard selection procedures for national camps. For example, if Rohit Sharma is dropped from the Indian team after a series of bad performances, the only way for him to come back is by participating in domestic matches like the Ranji Trophy. This is a standard practice followed by everyone involved in the sport, and leaves very little room for such personality conflicts. A doctor from Rohtak, who is not registered with the PFI, was allowed to go on several international tours except the PFI’s own Medical Authority. So who are you blaming? Physician or arbitrary decisions?
I Over the past four years, Indian boxers have excelled at all levels. Do you take?
It is a combination of factors. Boxers have become world beats from the forefront in their hearts and souls. They can do it because they are offered fantastic facilities, financial benefits and international exposure. Credit to the Ministry of Youth and Sports of India and the Sports Commission of India in association with the Indian Olympic Association for building a strong platform for our boxers to introduce themselves in international rounds. The Boxing Federation of India can achieve that glory by increasing the capacity of the existing pool of talent.
In most sports federations, politicians are doubled as executives, resulting in athletes being treated as second-class citizens, and how do you plan to change that?
We can live together just like the BCCI. Politicians can play a better role in the administration by getting financial help in the administration and resolving bureaucratic barriers, while at the same time being able to handle the technical aspects of sports such as the selection and skill of the athletes. I implemented it even when I was the president of the Mumbai Cricket Association and was the president of the Mumbai District Football Association. I plan to take the same philosophy to boxing.
Jai Kauli, the current PFI security is supporting you, but now that he is comfortable working under Mr Ajay Singh, how do you plan to clean up the mess?
Mr. Mr. with Ajay Singh. I’m not the right person to talk about Cowley’s comfort levels. Now about cleaning up the mess, we need to know its source and understand how and why it happens. This usually happens when there are no strong systems. Or in the absence of decentralization, power rests with one or two persons. Again, I would like to point out the BCCI example. Look at how they empowered the state units. Clubs and states own the stadiums, and they build their own infrastructure.
If we look at boxing, the BFI does not even have its own office. Big Boat had one of the highest audience ratings than Kabaddi, but did it help state units? The answer is no. So, the scope is very simple: empower your own member state units.
Will a change in the management front affect the preparations for the Olympics?
The boxers have done all the hard work and are ready for the Olympics, so the management change should not be a concern at this time. I assure you, the change that happens when it happens will be for the benefit of boxing.
Have you been a game manager before and how do you plan to use it to your advantage?
My experience in politics and sports administration has taught me that the voices of the people should not be ignored, especially within your own party or association. I am a patient listener and it helped me a lot to get to the root of the problem and solve it.
Any news for the competition section
Competition is a strong word. The game teaches us that once we get out of the ring or cross the border line we are friends. Elections are no different, we fight each other, but once the results come out we should all come together and work for the best benefit of the game.