March 1, 2021

Breaking News January 21 Live Updates

New Delhi: Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States on Wednesday. “Democracy existed,” Biden declared after taking office. “Today, we celebrate victory not because of a candidate, but for a reason, because of democracy. The will and will of the people has been heard. Democracy is precious, democracy is fragile. Also, Kamala Harris became the first vice president of Indian descent at noon on Wednesday. Read also – Ready to serve American and American people: Kamala Harris as 49th Vice President of the United States

Shyamala Gopalan’s daughter became the first Indian American, the first woman and the first African American vice president, to withdraw a heartbeat from the presidency. Read also – Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulates US President Joe Biden and looks forward to working together

Meanwhile, the government has proposed suspending three controversial farm laws for 1.5 to two years during the 10th round of talks yesterday with protesting farmers’ unions. The next round of meetings is scheduled for January 22nd. After the meeting, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said, “The government is ready to suspend the three farm laws for 1-1.5 years, during which a mutually beneficial solution can be found. Also Read – ‘Democracy Exists’: Joe Biden Swears in as US President, Says He Will Bring America Away

In the current privacy line, WhatsApp wrote back to the Center that the proposed change does not extend the ability to share user data with Facebook and is open to answering related questions. “We want to strengthen the fact that this update will not expand the ability to share data with Facebook. Our goal is to provide transparency and new options for engaging with businesses so that they can serve and grow their customers,” WhatsApp said in a statement. Previously posed 14 questions to WhatsApp.

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