December 8, 2021

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Brigitte Bardot was fined 20,000 euros for public contempt against the people of Reunion

The former actress remarkably compared Reunion Island to “Devil’s Island”, saying “a degenerate people are still infiltrated with (…) barbaric traditions”.

Brigitte Bardot, Reunion Qualifier in 2019 “Aborigines who have their own wild genes“, Saint-Denis was sentenced on Thursday, November 4 by a court of law to 20,000 euros for racial slurs.

The former 85-year-old actress’ press secretary, Bruno Jacqueline, was fined 4 4,000 for complicity in public contempt. At the request of his employer, he sent the controversial letter to several media outlets, including AFP.

On October 7, during the trial, the former star, who defends the cause of the animal, was fined 25,000 25,000 and fined ஒ 5,000 by his co-founder, who created a foundation named after him and worked for animal welfare. In March 2019, an open letter was sent to Amuri de Saint-Quentin, editor-in-chief of the Reunion. Says “Invaded by (…) letters condemning the savagery of reunions on animals“, Brigitte Bartot confirmed it”The tribes had their own wild genes“. She also compared Reunion.”Devil Island“With”A degenerate people are still infiltrated by their roots barbaric traditions (…).

“Racism is not an opinion, it is a crime”

These attacks caused great outrage on the island. Annik Girardin, the then Minister of Foreign Affairs, had sent an open letter to the former actress. “Racism is not a concept, it is a crime“The minister recalled that Deputy Jean-Hughes Ratten (LFI) Licra, Mrap and SOS Racisme, the Human Rights League and Hindu religious associations and groups had lodged complaints against the former actress.

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Brigitte Bardot apologized to Reunion for justifying her anger.Sad ruleAnimals on the island. “This is nonsense (…). She talks about memories of cannibalism, memories of colonial thought»At the hearing Master Axel Verdin, Jean-Hughes Ratten and lawyers of the Hindu Sangams shouted.

Madame Bartot’s words “Hurting, hurtingAttorney Peringer Prudhom said. “Animal care is the life of Brigitte Bartot. Animal suffering in Reunion is a reality”, His lawyer Maitreya Catherine insisted at the Moissonier trial. Qualified as a Whistleblower for the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for Animal Suffering.

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