January 22, 2022

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Can his media gulpa save Boris Johnson for a party in full swing?

Corner, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson He admitted his presence at a party on Wednesday in the presence of delegates
Downing Street In 2020 he came under full blockade and presented his “apologies” without convincing the opposition that he was resigning.

In the hot seat after a series of major scandals, this 57-year-old Conservative with a long-standing stainless reputation has had his most difficult weekly parliamentary question-and-answer session as a savior since coming to power with victory in July 2019. The stalemate is Brexit.

“I apologize from the bottom of my heart”

The incident in question took place on May 20, 2020, in the garden of his official residence, at a shocking time for the British. In the midst of the first wave of Govt-19, only two were allowed out, and many of them were unable to say goodbye to their dying loved ones.

At the Electric House of Commons, Boris Johnson said he estimated the evening was a work meeting where a hundred people were invited with instructions on how to bring the drink. He admitted to spending 25 minutes in the garden, an office extension then “continuously” giving him the best outdoor virtues against the virus.

“Ridiculous” and “insulting”

In a carefully considered intervention, he acknowledged that while the event was “technically” correct, he should have concluded that the opinion of “millions” of Britons was completely different. “I apologize from the bottom of my heart,” he said.

Accusing the prime minister of lying, Labor opposition leader Khair Stormer called his defense “very ridiculous” and said it was “insulting” to his comrades. The “only question” is, according to the Labor leader, whether the British or his party will “expel him.” Or will he now have the honor of “resigning?” “, He began.

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A no-confidence vote?

It seems that Boris Johnson is not safe from a no-confidence vote within his party, some of whom, like Douglas Rose, the leader of the Scottish Conservatives, did not hesitate to express their outrage, ruling that his position was “no longer credible”. “.

However, in the immediate future, this option will no longer be restricted to conservatives, with the names of finance ministers Rishi Sunak or Foreign Minister Liz Dres in circulation. Scottish separatists from the SNP and the Liberal Democrats have also called for his departure.

Boris Johnson, meanwhile, cited an internal investigation led by senior official Sue Gray, the results of which are now designed to be decisive in his fate.

Suspicion of lies and support

Boris Johnson, who faced a series of revelations late last year about parties organized in power circles in violation of health rules to fight the corona virus by 2020, has seen the allegations tightly.

The ITV TV channel on Monday evening revealed the existence of an email sent by Chief Secretary Martin Reynolds to the Prime Minister on May 20, 2020. Issued a call for “bring your bottles” and “take advantage of this”. Good weather ”when having a drink with a“ community break ”in the gardens where the head of government lives.

Thirty or forty people answered the call, according to the press, including Boris Johnson and his fiance Gary. But, Downing Street promises, he did not read this email and there is little ambiguity in the festive nature of the event.

On Twitter, the Association of Relatives of Govt Victims for Justice ruled that Boris Johnson “could not speak the truth and should leave.”

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With the exception of the holidays, Boris Johnson was weakened by the suspicion of lies about financing the luxurious renovation of his official residence, making deals with friends during epidemics, or being supportive.