January 16, 2022

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Catholic bishops will make amends

After apologizing, it was time to repair. The Catholic bishops of Canada, on Monday, September 27, promised to provide 30 million Canadian dollars (20.3 million euros). The fund will be released for five years “To Fix Suffering Caused by Residential Schools in Canada”, Explain the bishops in a press release. Last week, They put forward “Forgiveness” For this dark period in Canadian history.

For decades, approximately 150,000 Native American, Madis and Inuit children were forcibly placed in 139 residential schools across the country, where they were cut off from families, languages ​​and cultures. Many of them were mistreated, sexually abused … More than 4,000 died, most of them died of tuberculosis, which was determined to be true by the Commission of Inquiry “Cultural Genocide”.

A “historical shock”

This is the invention More than a thousand graves Located next to former boarding schools run by the Catholic Church in recent months, it has recreated this page of Canadian history. The country was forced to confront the policy of forced integration pursued towards the tribal people.

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With these compensations, the Canadian Catholic Church wants “Support for projects and programs dedicated to improving lives” Survivors at the residential school and their communities, Mr.gr Raymond Poison, President of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB). Again, the bishops acknowledge the presence in a press release issued on Monday “Historical shock caused by residential school system and still exists”.

On Friday, they expressed their opinion “Deep regret” And provided “Their explicit apology” For the last few months after the discovery, the tribal people, More than a thousand graves Near former boarding schools run by the Catholic Church.

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In the country, the most notable of these manifestations are, Many voices were raised in the summer to apologize to the church and even to the pope.

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