January 22, 2022

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Charles Sunnat’s editorial reads, “We are nearing the end of the current international monetary system because of a better recovery.”

My dear Sasi, Dear Sasi,

Better Restoration: “We Are Ending the Current International Monetary System”

The health crisis is an opportunity for a section of the world elite to transition to a new economic model. But entrepreneur and economist Charles Sunnat explains to The World Disorder that it did not succeed.

Since the outbreak, many world leaders, especially Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, have pushed for the idea of ​​a “great reset”, a restart or reset that would result in the end of the health crisis.

Entrepreneur and economist Charles Channat first said, “Debt, the European crisis and the risk of state bankruptcy. We need to think about a big monetary reform.
“What lies behind the Great Reconstruction is that the economic model is based on mass production for mass consumption, with boundless growth in a finite world, which must streamline transition towards sustainable growth, production and economic activity. This cannot be done by supporting past debt. Therefore, all of this must be regulated globally. , Because if every country went bankrupt independently, it would be a disaster. We are coming to the end of the current international monetary system. “

So for now we are not yet in the moment of monetary reform.

No one today knows how this global currency reform will take place, because there is (still) no global consensus.

This major reset is inevitable. This does not mean that we should not discuss it, especially for its democratic aspects.

At this point, there is no democratic debate on this issue, and the elders of this world want to impose their own decisions by knowing better than us what is best for us. This kind of attitude is obviously more in the denial of democracy and the principles of freedom.

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It is for this reason that many people feel that a major reset is a big risk.

They are right.

However, it is inevitable because we must have a monetary solution to the crisis.

And the problem is, as you can see, you can escape from a stock market crisis without stocks, you can escape from the bond crisis without any liabilities.

But you can’t escape the money crisis, you can’t keep the money …

So not having money is important to combat the cash crisis. Everything is fine in this case. Better to own real estate, stocks, or precious metals, farmland or electric Tesla, but no change!

But do not rush to spend everything.

We are not yet in the process of reforming the international monetary system.

It will take a crisis, a big crisis, for you to want to accept the most sympathetic outlines of the big reset that Men of Davos is preparing for you.

It was already too late, but not all was lost.

Prepare yourself!

Charles Sunnat

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