December 8, 2021

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China and Russia have not been invited to the US Democratic Conference

Yes to Taiwan, not to China, Russia and Turkey. Joe Biden invited about 110 countries and territories to his virtual summit for democracy in December, and the choice of those who do not is as talked about as it is today.

Among the guests whose list was published on the US State Department website on Tuesday, November 23, President Biden invited Taiwan, which the United States does not recognize as an independent country, but willingly sets a democratic model in the face of China. , Which considers the island to be one of its provinces and must return to its territory. Its presence at the Virtual Summit should maintain the tensions that have ignited in recent weeks around the fate of Taipei.

It has not been hidden since the US president visited the White House in January: the fighting between democracies and “Arbitrations”, Embodied in its vision by China and Russia, is at the heart of its foreign policy.

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Campaign promise

Surprisingly, Washington’s main rivals Beijing and Moscow are in the lead, so this guest list is not included. “Summit for Democracy”, A campaign pledge that the first edition will take place online on December 9th and 10th, before a face-to-face meeting a year later.

Turkey is Washington’s ally in NATO, but its president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has been invited in the past.“Autograd” Joe Biden, not in participating countries.

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India, often referred to “The world’s largest democracy”However, he will be present, despite frequent criticisms by human rights defenders against its Hindu nationalist prime minister, Narendra Modi. Despite its verified relationship with Washington, Pakistan is no exception.

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In the Middle East, only Israel and Iraq were invited to the meeting. The traditional Arab allies of the Americans are not Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Joe Biden also called on Brazil, led by controversial far-right President Jair Bolzano.

Many setbacks against democracy

In Europe, despite persistent tensions with Brussels over respect for the rule of law, Poland is represented, but not so much by Prime Minister Victor Arban and Hungary. On the African side, the so-called Democratic Republic of the Congo includes Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria and Niger.

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The summit is being organized in countries where democracy has suffered several setbacks in recent months in countries where the United States has high hopes: Sudan and Burma, the halls of military revolution, Ethiopia, the victims of conflict. “Implot”, According to US diplomacy, or even in Afghanistan, the Taliban have regained power after twenty years of democratization efforts with the withdrawal of the United States.

The United States joins the list for the first time “Declineing Democracies”According to a key statement issued by the International Cooperation Agency (IDEA), mainly due to the devastation caused by the Trump era. International Organization for Democracy and Electoral Assistance – “International Organization for Democracy and Electoral Assistance”).

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