December 8, 2021

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China’s longest space journey begins

Three astronauts, including a woman, are expected to stay at the Chinese space station for six months.

They and she will stay in space for six months, which is China’s record: three astronauts, including a woman, set out early Saturday morning, October 16 (Friday evening in France) to build the Chinese space station. . Construction.

Their Shenzhou-13 spacecraft was launched overnight from the Jiuquan launch pad in the Kobe Desert (northwest) by a Longue-March 2F rocket at 12:23 (Friday evening 6:23 in France). Public Television CCTV.

They have to build the station, check the various equipment, but also conduct scientific experiments, especially by providing valuable information about how their body fits this long term. The astronauts will also do two or three astronauts.

Term registration

Their stay doubles the time record for Chinese manned missions set in September by Shenzhou-12, the previous mission astronauts who stayed in Tianhe for three months. “The reason for this prolonged stay is to gain experience in long-term tasks“, Explains to AFP Eric Seedhouse, a professor of aerospace operations at Embry-Riddle University in Aeronautics, USA.”The main difficulty for astronauts is maintaining their muscle mass and minimizing their bone loss.“In a weightless environment that weakens organisms, he insists.

The new group will include two men: Joy Jigang (55), the first Chinese to undertake an additional vehicle excursion in 2008, and Yeh Guangfu (41), its first astronaut. They teamed up with Wang Yaping, 41, who is taking part in a new manned mission, becoming the second Chinese man in space eight years after his first voyage in 2013.

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Thanks to the video link known for providing a live physics curriculum to 60 million school students, he will repeat the experience during this mission. She also became the first Chinese woman to travel to space. “China is not going to rediscover the wheelChen Lan, an analyst at, who specializes in Chinese space programming, notes with Shenzhou-13. “This will not be a big challenge as China’s technologies are now more mature. But any activity in space is naturally a challenge …

This work is the fifth of 11 (uninhabited and unmanned) required for the construction of the Chinese space station, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.Heavenly Palace‘), Which is similar to the former Soviet Mir Station (1986-2001). Its lifespan will be at least 10 years.

Robot and GPS

The other two modules that will make up the station, Mengtian and Ventian (laboratories) will be launched next year and will stop in Tianhe. They make it possible to carry out experiments in biotechnology, medicine or astronomy. Cooperation between the United States, Russia, Canada, Europe and Japan – China’s ambition to build a station on the International Space Station (ISS) was triggered by the US refusal to accept the Chinese people.

For its part, the Chinese space agency promised on Thursday that unmanned aerial vehicles (CMSA) foreign astronauts could fly back to Tianjang. China has been investing billions of euros for decades and catching up with other space powers. In May, it became the second country after the United States to build a small robot on Mars. China also landed a machine far from the moon in early 2019 – the first in the world.

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Last year, it brought back lunar models and finalized its navigation system, Bedouin, to compete with US GPS. It launched its first solar observation satellite into orbit around Earth on Thursday. Looking ahead, Beijing plans to build a base with Russia to send humans to the moon (c. 2030).