January 16, 2022

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Conflicts with points between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping at the United Nations

Long before the submarine crisis, Emmanuel Macron dropped out of the United Nations General Assembly (UN). Fighting over their three-pronged defense agreement (Aukus) with the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia did not motivate him to attend more embassies. Hybrid “method This year.

France is ready to defend the “third way” missed opportunity, especially in the Indo-Pacific region, when it wants to be a good European and one of the champions of diversity.

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With dotted films, the UN. The first day of the General Assembly, on Tuesday, September 21, in New York, gave a glimpse into the opposite visions of Joe Biden and Xi Jinping, even though both had attacked diplomacy.

After the inauguration of the US President there was his first UN. He worked hard to distinguish himself from his predecessors, His crusade against Donald Trump and multilateral corporations. As for his Chinese counterpart, he was the one who belatedly decided to intervene from a distance, precisely after the formation of the Axis Alliance, which his country did not hesitate to condemn.

Biden’s good intentions were compromised by facts

Cooperation, development, investment, innovation, diplomacy, solidarity … In words, Joe Biden ticked all the boxes of speech promoting diversity. Six months ago it would have been praised by many allies. Today, good intentions seem to be severely compromised by facts.

Democratic President promoted, a “Relentless Diplomacy” And the defense of the Club of Liberal Democracies, in the name of shared values. This talk is part of a continuation of all his speeches since he was elected, based on three revisions: America’s current priorities, its military commitments, and its relations with its allies.

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At the first point, Joe Biden reaffirmed his commitment to the United Nations in the fight against epidemic and global warming, a clear break with Donald Trump. Second, he justified his withdrawal from Afghanistan again – without ending the August chaos – by announcing the end of unattainable conflicts.

In addition, Joe Biden promised not to “We want a new Cold War and a world divided into difficult blocks.”. According to him, there must be the use of weapons “Solution of last attempt, not first solution”. A way to respond to the concerns of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres of France and Europe, who are wary of his “conflict” approach with Beijing. The hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Axis Coalition confirmed that China is now at the center of US strategic choices, even if it is rushing their old partners.

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