December 8, 2021

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Congo will grow 40,000 hectares of forest

According to the Ministry of Forests and Economics, 40,000 hectares of forests will be planted in the Congo-Braza to extract more than ten million tons of carbon and fight climate change.

The project, called “BaCaSi”, will be developed over wide areas of farmland near the Ngo city of the plateau in the center of the country. Prime Minister Anatoly Colnet Mokoso launched the project on Sunday, the AFP reporter noted. “This is a large-scale project, the first of its kind in Africa (…)”Rosalie Madonto, the Minister of Forests and Economy, was pleased to announce that 40,000 hectares of forest would extract 10 million tons of carbon in 20 years.

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Catch greenhouse gases

Planted trees capture greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and store them, thus absorbing carbon. With the aim of creating a thousand direct jobs, at least 5% of the plantations will be used for agroforestry activities.

The project, which does not disclose its price, is funded by the French oil group Total, which exploits nearly 70% of the country‚Äôs hydrocarbons. Its launch coincides with the conduct of COP26 in Glasgow, where the Congo begged for funding for the Blue Fund of the Congo Basin, which aims to protect the world’s second carbon reservoir.

In 2011, the Congo launched the National Afforestation and Reforestation Program (BRONAR), which aims to plant one million hectares of forest by 2020. Its results have not been made public.

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