March 1, 2021

Cook home-made Indian food with ‘Bollywood Kitchen’

Bring Bollywood home with “Bollywood Kitchen” available on Saturday, March 6th.

The show is hosted by The Jeffrey Playhouse in Los Angeles. The San Diego Repertory Theater provides access to this interactive production featuring filmmaker and cookbook writer Sri Rao. Kevin Bols-Lohmann, director of marketing and communications at San Diego REP, said part of the ticket price would support the San Diego REP.

Showtimes are Friday and Saturday from March 6 at 4 and 7 p.m. Buy tickets early as some showtimes are limited. Audiences are asked to sign in about 75 minutes before the show and 15 minutes before the opening time.

In “Bollywood Kitchen” Rao prepares home-cooked Indian food. Visitors are invited to join him, Jeffrey Playhouse’s communications director Xenon Dimitrik said in a statement.

There are two level tickets to the show. Tickets for the $ 40 “Here for the Party” include live show, digital cooking and access to the post-show Bollywood Dance Party. The $ 95 “Bollywood Food” ticket includes the above and a Bollywood box. The box contains a shopping list of spices, non-perishable items and perishable items to cook with Rao. The included recipe serves four people. Call 619-544-1000 or email [email protected]

Raw’s menu includes Bollywood popcorn, a Mumbai donkey, Sree’s Signature Chicken Curry, Rita and Rice and Chocolate Choi Aphrodite, Dmitrik said. A vegetarian alternative to sana masala is available instead of chicken curry dish.

During the live show, Dimitrik said that Rao would cook dishes on the menu and tell the story of his parents emigrating to the United States. This includes the joy and nutrition that Bollywood musicians bring to his family, as well as the culinary traditions they share.

The event will be followed by a Bollywood dance party. DJ Ashu Roy of Sholay Productions has been circulating classic Bollywood tunes since the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Guest DJ R Butt will be in charge of the February 19 and 20 dance parties.

The show is directed by Arpita Mukherjee, the artistic director of Hypogrit Theater. Mukherjee was also the co-director of “House of Joy”, a production of San Diego REP.

Rao is a New York City-based filmmaker. She is the creator and showrunner of the “actress” of the upcoming Netflix show, as well as the author of the cookbook “Bollywood Kitchen”, said Dmitrik.