December 8, 2021

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COP26: This photo of G20 leaders hurts the left

Guglielmo Mangyapane via Reuters

At the end of the G20 summit, in Rome on Sunday, October 31, the leaders posed in front of the Trevi Fountain. A clich widely commented on by the French left.

Ecology – This is a gesture and photo, the millions of tourists who go there every year In Rome. Superstitious or not, they position themselves on their backs to the Trevi Fountain and, with their right hands – throw a coin in an attempt to attract Neptune’s good grace.

Other than this method, the greatest leaders of this planet (including) Emmanuel Macron, Joe Biden and Angela Merkel) finally posed G20 Summit It happened in the Italian capital. And a few hours before opening COP 26 in Glasgow, The clich led to a militant interpretation, which placed many of the personalities of the French left in all their states.

It all started with a tweet from Bruno Mages, former Portuguese secretary of state for European affairs in 2013-2015. The fight against global warming – at least he thinks. “World leaders are throwing a coin at Trevi for good luck in overcoming the climate emergency,” he writes.

Manon Afri, a former spokesman for the NGO Oxfam, the MEP for rebel France, also sees it as a metaphor for the G20 leaders’ struggle against climate change. His colleague in the European Parliament, Rafael Glaxman, Condemns “the voluntary inability of men to end up in an image”. “This film summarizes the role change in light of the climate issue. Those who embody seriousness (leaders in costume) become funny, those who should be light-hearted (” You weren’t serious when you were 20 “) take the crisis seriously …” he writes on Twitter.

Ian Brossat, the campaign director of the Communist presidential candidate (Fabian Roussel), the elected representative of Paris, for his part, chooses the paradox.

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