March 1, 2021

Corona virus live: India cases 10,720,971; The global number is past 102 million

Corona Virus Live Updates: India saw 18,940 new cases of corona virus disease (COVID-19), with only 11,666 cases reported a day later. The total number of active cases in the country has dropped to 173,762 and the number of cassettes to 10,720,971. Worldwide, more than 102 million people are infected with the virus. Globally the country is the second most affected country and the 13th worst affected country by active events.

The five states most affected by the total cases are Maharashtra (2,015,524), Karnataka (937,383), Kerala (905,591), Andhra Pradesh (887,349), and Tamil Nadu (836,315).

While more than 2.5 million health workers have been vaccinated so far, 11 states have provided the first job to more than 35 percent of its health workers, and six states have achieved vaccination coverage of 20 percent or less, according to the Ministry of Health.

India is the fastest in the world to reach one million vaccines in the first six days – the United States took 10 days and Germany 20 days.

Global Corona Virus Update: Corona virus cases are rising unchecked worldwide, with more than 102 million people infected with the deadly virus. Of the 73,843,881 people recovered, 2,199,065 have died so far. The United States is the most affected country with 26,163,157 countries, followed by India, Brazil, Russia and the United Kingdom. However, in terms of total active cases, the United States ranks first, followed by France, the United Kingdom, Brazil and Belgium.

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