January 22, 2022

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Corona virus live. The ninth case of Omigran has been confirmed in France, the health care council scheduled for Monday …

10:45 a.m .: Vaccination is part of the immigrant journey

In November 2020, while waiting for the first vaccines, the High Commission for Health classified 300,000 to 600,000 undocumented immigrants in France as one of its priority targets, subject to prostitution when they were accommodated, most of whom would lose their masks and masks. Hydroalcoholic gel. The vaccine was finally opened to anyone over the age of 18 when it was generalized at the end of May.

“The Ministry of Health is slow to act, some regional health agencies are very responsive, while others are very slow,” said Didier Lecchi, director general of Ofii, which has been serving at 19 centers in France’s mainland since October. So far 800 people have benefited from the vaccine.

In early June, actors on the field rallied to overcome many obstacles to the vaccine faced by immigrants. In addition to the language barrier, the lack of information and concerns about the vaccine is a “major barrier to dematerialisation,” Dr. Marion Tambourindegui, a doctor for the Committee on the Health of the Deported (Comet), said. Not all deportees on the street have phones, says Mary Coucorax, head of the Humanitarian Holt Service for the Salvation Army Foundation: “Managing a health pass on paper when you live outside is a real challenge. Mick.”

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