January 17, 2021

Corona Virus Live Updates: India Cases 10,208,725; The death toll was 147,940

Corona Virus Live Updates: With 20,333 new Govt-19 cases, India’s Casilot now stands at 10,208,725. The death toll in the country has risen to 147,940. Of the 1,919,550 cases, Maharashtra has the highest number of corona virus cases, followed by Karnataka at 915,345, Andhra Pradesh at 881,000, Tamil Nadu at 814,000 and Kerala at 735,611.

The Govt-19 active cassette in the country has dropped to 278,000. However, the infection continues to affect operations. The Madhya Pradesh Assembly session scheduled to begin today had to be adjourned following a revelation by a Protem spokesperson that 61 employees and Assembly Secretariat officials and five MLAs had been tested for corona virus-positive.

India is set to hold its first two-day dry run today in four states of Punjab, Assam, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat for its proposed ambitious vaccination drive.

Global Corona Virus Update: The global number of corona virus cases is 81,126,414. Of the 57,280,811 people recovered, 1,771,407 have died so far. The worst-affected country, the United States, has 19,567,784 cases and 341,138 deaths. This is followed by 10,208,725 cases in India, Brazil (7,484,285), Russia (3,050,248) and France (2,559,686).

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