February 25, 2021

Corona virus outbreak triggers locking operations at McLeod Lake Indian Band

A Covit-19 eruption has prompted McLeod to carry out operations to lock up the Lake Indian Band.

In a letter written by Chief Harley Singi on Wednesday (Feb. 3), an outbreak was reported in IR # 1, where three adults were found to have the virus.

Singhi says one of the adults is currently in the ICU, one is being monitored at the hospital and one-third is being isolated at home.

The letter also states that Elder Sherry Solonas died in the early hours of Tuesday (Feb. 2) due to Govt-19 complications.

“I offer my condolences to his family,” Singh said.

“To assist the health team, emergency management and management, locking measures have been put in place to protect our community members, including the closure of MLIP offices and the DFF. Please understand that they are only in practice to prevent the spread. “

Singhi says he has sought special exemptions and permission to leave the presence.

“I can’t give this permission,” he replied. “We all have to abide by the rules.”

If members have medical appointments that require leave, they are requested to contact Kim Harmison at 778-363-1227.

Singi also issued a warning to members who violated the terms and conditions, claiming that the risk of not being allowed into the reserve for the remaining lock and / or suspension of supplies.

“I commend the majority of members who work diligently in compliance with these orders, thank you, some do not. Let me be clear: for members who refuse to follow current accommodation orders, you will not be at risk of being allowed back into reserve for the rest of the lock and / or suspension of supplies.”

All essential services, including groceries, will be brought to TFF and delivered to homes on Friday.

According to this publication (Feb. 4), Northern Health has recorded 3,558 Govt-19 cases since March last year, including 85 deaths related to the virus, of which 18 incidents occurred in the last six days.

Of the total 18 hospitals, 365 have active infections and 17 of the 3,100 recoveries are in critical care or in the ICU.

Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry is due to deliver a written update after 3pm today and will provide additional information on current public health orders tomorrow (Feb. 5).

On February 3, McLeod sent a letter to members of Lake Indian Band. Written by McLeod Lake Indian Band / Facebook