January 16, 2022

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Death Fence may have broken its temperature record

Whether this is a record or not, the 54.4 ° C recorded on Friday is very worrying.

The new chapter hit North America in an unbearable heat wave. After the hellish temperature recorded in the Pacific Northwest, this is a brand new figure coming to us this time from California.

Death Valley, the hottest and driest part of the United States, almost equaled its record. Last Friday, Mercury 54.4. Ascended to C.

The highest temperature ever recorded on Earth?

As stated in it Washington Post, Only two readings in the past have exceeded this figure. First, a reading of 56.7 C was recorded in 1913 at the same location. The other is a reading taken in Cape Town, Tunis, where temperatures reached 55 ° C in 1931. It is therefore one of the hottest temperatures on earth ever recorded to be reliable.

As its name implies, Death Fence is one of the most unpleasant parts of our planet. © Google Earth

But it will be Can’t be clear about thatAccording to Christopher Burt, the method of the old measurements is in doubt. According to this climate historian quoted Washington Post, Old measurements may have been carried out under material or conditions which are not valid today.

If we ignore the 1913 record, it may even be a record for that area. Officially, it was 1913 at a temperature of 56.7 C World Meteorological Association.

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This June has been the hottest month in American history, but the trend does not seem to be downward. Whether or not this is a record in the end, the results remain the same and the discovery is worrying. According to scientists World weather characteristic, These heat waves “It is almost impossible without man-made climate change. ” Not only in North America, but multiplied. Anyway, Death Valley now has its name well.