December 8, 2021

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Death of brother Jean-Pierre Schumacher, the last monk of Tiberias

He was the last survivor of a play about spirits in 1996. Brother Jean-Pierre Schumacher escapes. The Assassination of Tiber, During the Algerian civil war, seven Trapist monks from the monastery were abducted and then massacred. The monk, who was not taken away from him, died this Sunday in the Islamic country, Morocco, at the age of 97. After mercy, he was already dead when his brothers saw him. According to the daily La Croix It discloses information confirmed by the AFP. Yet according to the Daily, he received the consecration of the sick on the morning of “Brother Jean-Pierre.”

Seven monks were abducted on the night of March 26-27, 1996 and held for several weeks. On May 21, 1996, the armed Islamic Group (GIA) announced their assassination. The heads of the monks were found on May 30, 1996, 4 km northwest of the media.

Since the death of his brother Amédée in 2008, he has been the last survivor of this tragic abduction. Brother Jean-Pierre Schumacher, originally from Lorraine, survived Govt last year. Reported as progress. Fifteen days after being admitted to a hospital in Rabat (Morocco), Trapist discovered the monastery of Middleton in Morocco, along with two other brothers infected with the virus.

After the tragedy, Brother Jean-Pierre chose to stay at the Notre-Dame de l’Atlas monastery in the Middle East (Morocco). Pope Francis Had even met him During his apostolic visit to Morocco in 2019. Seven Fellow Martyrs of Dibehirin Released on December 8, 2019 During a mass event celebrated at the Santa Cruz Sanctuary in Oran (Algeria).

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